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Friday Five: Reasons to have a Teacher Twitter Account

1. Literary jokes with your students. Just this week, students were out shopping and posted an image of them with a hat and the hashtag: #tobuyornottobuy and I was able to reply with a #hamletfashionadvice tweet. 184 more words

Friday Five

School Oddities #1: STELLA-Contest

There are days you should not underestimate. Today a lot of strange things happened and I would like to take note of a little contest that was randomly arranged in advanced English class. 397 more words


Too Short a Time in New Orleans

“Madame Lily Devalier always asked “Where are you?” in a way that insinuated that there were only two places on earth one could be: New Orleans and somewhere ridiculous.”

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Up Late with A Streetcar Named Desire

I just love teaching/re-reading Tennessee Williams’s play A Streetcar Named Desire. My AP Literature seniors really enjoyed reading aloud from this–some of them affect a southern accent and all of them seem to laugh at the right places and groan in other spots. 258 more words

Book Reviews

Getting Lost

I have absolutely no sense of direction. Consequently I’m always lost. That’s unless I’m armed with a device that talks to me and leads the way. 584 more words


A Streetcar named Desire: an electric storm of a dance-drama by Scottish Ballet

“A Streetcar Named Desire is just incredible, like watching a film, musical, play and ballet all at once!”

So commented a theatre-goer after seeing the premiere by Scottish Ballet in 2012. 889 more words

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Films About Women 24

1 Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried Green Tomatoes is a story about the bonds between women. The story centers around four women; two young women in the beginning of the century, and two older women at the end of the century. 755 more words