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Hegel’s Streetcar Named Desire 

It could be simply remarked that as we all transverse through life as “emerging subjects” (Butler 30) we acquiesce to the simple directive formulation of “taking a street-car named desire, then transfer to one called cemeteries and at  — Elysian Fields!” (Williams 6).  733 more words


Indian Summer

We’ve been having a weird uptick in weather this week with temps up to the ’80s. For Boston in October, this is highly irregular and my flannels and boots are not happy about it. 85 more words


Between Them

Between the two dozen lights that dotted the ceiling at the front of the theater and the back wall lit to look like a clear sky, Grant and Callie sat on the top of the staircase of Blanche DuBois’ new apartment. 4,243 more words

Short Story


Took a streetcar named desire in search for something,

And that something I ended up with was the feeling of nothing.

The feeling of wanting more and never finding enough, 73 more words

Bad Poetry

Translating Words into Movement

A fascinating discussion on the transformation of the play “A Streetcar Named Desire” into a ballet by the Scottish Ballet.

Even Tennessee Williams' Thought-Vomit About Queerness, Aging and Authorship Is Worth Picking Apart

The July 14 republication of Moise and the World of Reason (the second of the two novels Tennessee Williams ever published, and certainly one of his lesser-known works) is, to an extent, a reminder that even the lesser work by this writer is, if not worth unmitigated praise and canonization, certainly worth reexamining. 1,574 more words


Streetcar Named Desire

The room is full of chatter to the point that it is almost obnoxiously loud, but as the last few attendees take their seats, a silence falls inside of St. 730 more words