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Streetcar Named Desire

The room is full of chatter to the point that it is almost obnoxiously loud, but as the last few attendees take their seats, a silence falls inside of St. 730 more words


A Riveting Revolving Streetcar in Brooklyn has Arrived. 

A Riveting Revolving Streetcar Named Desire in Brooklyn has Arrived

by Ross

Transferring from London to Brooklyn, the acclaimed production of Tennessee Williams’ Streetcar  has finally landed at St. 1,179 more words

Ross Says:

Program 2 Tuesday May 10

Programa emitido 10 de Mayo 2016
COX TV (Channel 4 and channel 1004)
“Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” 49 more words

El Mirador

Stella Gibson, Blanche DuBois, and Gillian Anderson's Grasp on Two Poles of Femininity

On The Fall, playing Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson (who’s investigating a series of sexualized murders throughout the series), Gillian Anderson is often so calculatedly still, her voice scarcely raised beyond a cracking whisper, that it’s up to you to decide whether there’s a fascinating psychology beneath all of that controlled, oddly intense placidity, or whether it’s just a slightly limited performance. 1,162 more words


A Streetcar Named Desire

For the streetcar brief we worked closely with personification and how we could apply a character appropriately to an inanimate object.

Streetcar is a very intense story and is full of emotion. 198 more words


Fellow Film Club Members & Movie Buffs:

The Producer’s theme for this month is: Depending on the kindness of strangers; A Comedy, A Tragedy, A Farce. 788 more words

Glenn Buttkus

There's A Moral Here


(knock knock)

Refugees are People.

We are All Together on This Boat Called Life

Someone’s knocking at the door (outside) 713 more words

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