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Keeping Your Cool;

Unlined Jackets Slip Right Off Your Back Going Through This Summer’s Heat. Even Folds Up Into A Soft Little Headrest When You Wanna Lay In The Park For A Lil Me Time. 54 more words


Good All-Year-Round;

Hey Everyone It’s Nigel And Welcome To Ladies Sunday. The Day I Talk About Everything Fashion. Today’s Fashion Topic:

8 Trench Coats I’m Living For; Good All-Year-Round. 63 more words


Birthday Blessings;

Instead Of Counting Candles, Or Tallying The Years, Comtemplating My Blessings Now. Considering Special People Who Loves Me, And Who Care, And Others Who’ve Enriched Your Life Just By Being There. 21 more words


Get Dressed Faster;

Somethings In Life Like Bacon And Eggs, Love And Happiness, Or Porn And Internet. 😂😂😂 Just Go Together. Colors Are No Different, You Can Spin The Color Wheel As Many Times As You Like, But You’ll Never Do Better Than These Warm Colors. 46 more words


Don't Leave The House Without Your Rubbers;

Rubber-Soled Shoes, That Is; My Favorite Footwear Are Embracing The Fact That Softer, & Gripper Gives It More Of A Doc Martens Feel To It. And Thank God Comfort To Dress Shoes, So Always Stay Equipped With A Pair On The Go. 41 more words


Khaki With A Cause;

In The Right Hands It’s A Warm-Weather Style Move That Makes Sense Whether You’re On The Go, Or Have A Few Margarita’s.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban… 30 more words