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Street Light Interference

Have you ever walked around late at night when suddenly a street light turns off? Every really think about why that is, and how it’s happened in front of you and no one else that’s seemed to pass by? 1,260 more words

#4 lights out

It’s past 1 am. It’s the darkest it has ever been in my room. The street lights aren’t shafting through tonight. I don’t really like this darkness. 113 more words


“Night is certainly more novel and less profane than day.”

Warm weather is coming. Starting tomorrow we’ll have 60+ degrees for most of the week. Given my penchant for falling, I’ll forego clicking my heels in the air to celebrate. 337 more words



So as always, its been a minute since I had time to blog….and as always, a lot of…STUFF. And TRANSITION. And CHANGES have occurred. And right now, I don’t quite have enough time to write something concise YET…but best believe I got ALL sorts of things that I want to blog out right now! 324 more words