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Japan: StreetPass Relay Stations To End Service On March 28th

Nintendo has confirmed today that the StreetPass Relay Stations service will end on March 28th in Japan. The Relay Stations basically provided a hotspot for Nintendo 3DS owners to StreetPass each other. 22 more words


[Japan] StreetPass Relay Stations Shutting Down In March

Nintendo Japan have announced on their official website that they will be shutting down StreetPass Relay Stations in Japan on March 28th. StreetPass will still be functional but users will no longer be able to use the Relay Stations. 122 more words

StreetPass Relay Stations to shut down in Japan this March

Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Relay Stations in Japan will soon be shutting down, according to Nintendo. These stations will remain operational until March 28, 2018, after which they will be discontinued. 121 more words

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A Preemtive Eulogy for StreetPass

I fear that if I don’t write about the Nintendo 3DS’ StreetPass now, I never will.

It’s not deader than a doornail like say Miiverse, but it is past its prime and sadly heading towards irrelatively as the waning days go by. 1,292 more words


You Know What'd Be Sweet? A Mii Game on the Switch!

First, let me just say I never got into Miitomo, and at least according to various sources, it never took off in the west. Personally, I had exactly three friends on the thing. 1,181 more words