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NoA: 'GameStop demo event on 7/17'

GameStop locations for demo at the source.


Start your adventure on New Nintendo 3DS XL this Friday, July 17th at select GameStop stores from 3pm – 6pm (local time).

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Tip: In Memory Of Satoru Iwata, Add His Mii To Your Mii Plaza

Many people are looking for outlets to mourn the loss of Satoru Iwata, many turning to writing articles, compilation videos, and fan art. However, if you would like to mourn Iwata-san, feel free to do it in a way he would undoubtedly appreciate: by gaming with him. 65 more words


NoA: 'GameStop demo event on 6/26'

Find your Gamestop location at the source.


Start your adventure on New Nintendo 3DS XL this Friday, June 26th at select GameStop stores from 11am – 2pm (local time).

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It’s difficult to clear/welcome all the Miis coming into the plaza. 225 more words


012: MCM Wrap Up and Haul!

MCM Expo has come and gone and we’re now standing blearily on the other side, some of us (me) wishing we’d booked an extra day off work to recover. 1,246 more words

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The New New StreetPass Games are the Best StreetPass Games Yet, But...

You may recall a year and a half ago Nintendo released four new games for the 3DS console used exclusively via the StreetPass function. The house that Mario built has recently released two brand new games to use with your StreetPassers on the 3DS. 1,607 more words

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A look at the newer 3DS Streetpass features

Not too long ago Nintendo rolled out some new content for 3DS streetpass users to enjoy. Streetpass is one of my favorite features on the 3DS (or 2DS in my case) so I was pretty excited to check out the new features. 652 more words

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