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Super Mario Maker 3DS - Make Your Own Mario Game

Nintendo just release a trailer of  Super Mario Maker for  Nintendo 3DS. If you have to Wii U version it’s totally different with more features. If you don’r know what Super Mario Maker is it’s pretty much you are creating you own Mario such as putting blocks, powerups, enemies and change the format from Retro and Modern. 118 more words

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Monster Manor

Another week is just about over!

I was excited when I found out about the Mii Plaza update. I haven’t played the Mii games in a while. 289 more words

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Mii Plaza Update

Happy Tuesday! Another week has come and gone.

This past weekend was Labor Day and Nintendo celebrated with an update for the Mii Plaza and declaring this past weekend a Streetpass Weekend! 318 more words

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NoA: 'StreetPass Update Weekend'

Celebrating the update and the Plaza’s five new games. 


New games and features have arrived on the StreetPass™ Mii Plaza™ application—so we’re celebrating with a StreetPass Update Weekend!

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Video: Footage Of All The New StreetPass Games

NintenDaan has posted footage of all the new StreetPass games on his YouTube channel. Announced at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, the new games were released following the presentation. 38 more words


You Can Now StreetPass Up To 100 Mii's On The 3DS

If you happen to own a Nintendo 3DS and have an itch to use it for new games, lucky for you, a new batch of StreetPass minigames were announced.  105 more words

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New Nintendo Downloads – 9/1/16

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

The Picross series has a fresh new layer of paint – and strategy! (Graphic: Business Wire) 880 more words

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