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Nintendo Switch to Retire Miiverse and Streetpass, Thanks For The Memories

Who doesn’t love a good Streetpass? Heck I have even made friends because of it (Hey, Rolan). Well if you are a fan of the Streetpass feature of the Nintendo 3DS, don’t expect to see it return on Nintendo’s upcoming home console/handheld hybrid, the Nintendo Switch. 117 more words


Miiverse And Streetpass Won't Be On Nintendo Switch

Assistant Manager of Public Relations at Nintendo of America, David Young, has revealed to VentureBeat that Miiverse and Streetpass will not appear on the Nintendo Switch. 50 more words

Sorry Miiverse, Nintendo Switch Says “You're Not Welcome!”

While we didn’t expect everything about the Nintendo Switch to be unveiled during the presentation, there were some things that should have got a mention. 223 more words


Switch Won't Include Miiverse or Streetpass

The Nintendo Switch, due out on 3rd March this year, will not feature Miiverse or Streetpass, as advised by a source from Nintendo.

Nintendo of America’s assistant manager of public relations, David Young has told VentureBeat that the Nintendo Switch will not include Miiverse. 134 more words


A wish list for Nintendo Switch

We’re only days away from the Nintendo Switch press conference, and I’m very excited to find out more about Nintendo’s next console. In an ideal world, these are the things I’d like to hear. 813 more words

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NoA: 'National StreetPass Holiday'

Miyamoto’s Mii will be available all the way to January 15. 


A very special guest is visiting Nintendo Zone for the holidays!

A Mii of Mr.

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NoE: 'StreetPass two very special Mii characters at Nintendo Zones'

Miyamoto-san and Tezuka-san are hitting your StreetPass. 

StreetPass two very special Mii characters at Nintendo Zones

Mr Miyamoto and Mr Tezuka don their golden trousers!

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