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Let's NOT Talk About Streets of Rage 3

OK, so I couldn’t hold it my hatred for this game any longer but fear not, for I am going to be as objective and open and honest as I possibly can without revealing weird dark secrets about how as a child, you always wondered if you COULD see up Blaze’s skirt but as it turns out, no you couldn’t and I’m not that childish anymore but just so you know that was a thing and oh shit… I just said I wouldn’t say that. 2,163 more words


Let's Talk About Streets of Rage 2

You know what? I actually want to talk about why this series of games hasn’t had a proper sequel when they’ve literally had twenty years to make it and if it takes that long to make it a game then what you end up with is a Duke Nukem shitfest and OHHHHHH YES I WENT THERE but seriously that joke is old and I can’t believe we’re still having that conversation. 1,853 more words


A to Z Challenge - S is for...

Day 20 of the challenge and today we are on S

S is for Street Fighter 2

The version I am talking about here is the one which was released for the Sega Megadrive with the full tile of Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition. 2,244 more words

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[Review] Streets of Rage 2 (Xbox 360)

Recently I reviewed a very cool beat ‘em up game, Streets of Rage, played on the Sega Genesis. For two weekends straight following that review, the hubs and I tackled its sequel, … 513 more words

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TOP 10 SEGA Genesis Games of All-Time

TOP  SEGA Genesis Games:

1 – The Sonic Series

2 – Earthworm Jim

3 – Super Street Fighter 2

4 – Mortal Kombat 2

5 – Aladdin… 17 more words