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Ourcade Games Plays.....Streets of Rage 2

Self explanatory. Watch me and my lady beat Streets of Rage 2. Took about a hour. Enjoy!

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From The Armchair: Sega Sentimentality

What-ho, chums!

So, Ms. D’s two lovely sisters came a-visiting recently, and we ended up chatting about their video game habits of old. It turns out that the sisters three were once enthralled by the Sega Mega Drive as youths, and would happily spend hours passing the controller back and forth through epic sessions of… 698 more words

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Yet More 3D Classics.

Sega are readying the way for yet another wave of 3D classics to launch on the 3DS.
This time around it’s Streets of Rage 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Gunstar Heroes who we’ll see touched up and re-released from July through to September with Sega surly hoping a few new modes (Streets of Rage 2 for instance will feature a “Quartet Mode” which allows players to team up with 3 CPU characters simultaneously) and a healthy dose of nostalgia will be enough to convince us to shell out the $5.99/€4.99/£4.49 asking price for each.


Clásicos que vuelven este Verano para Nintendo 3DS

Aunque utilizar la palabra Nintendo 3DS en este blog me hace sentir sucio y marginal, esta semana se generaron noticias en relacion al handheld de la gran N. 198 more words

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More 'SEGA 3D Classic' Games Coming in Summer

SEGA has announced the new SEGA 3D Classic Series games coming to the 3DS.

These games are ports from the SEGA Genesis with added 3D effects. 148 more words


Let's NOT Talk About Streets of Rage 3

OK, so I couldn’t hold it my hatred for this game any longer but fear not, for I am going to be as objective and open and honest as I possibly can without revealing weird dark secrets about how as a child, you always wondered if you COULD see up Blaze’s skirt but as it turns out, no you couldn’t and I’m not that childish anymore but just so you know that was a thing and oh shit… I just said I wouldn’t say that. 2,163 more words