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'Best Video Game Soundtrack.'

Streets of Rage 2 simply put, has the best soundtrack to any video game I have ever played. Yuzo Koshiro simply brings every element forward through the fast paced levels. 169 more words

'Your Favourite Video Game Character'

I have played thousands of games over the years but every couple of months I go back to my phase of playing Streets Of Rage. … 153 more words

Music of the 16-bit era: five of the best

Introduction: I spent much of my late teens and my 20s playing and listening to loud music, earning me tinnitus by the age of 30. Its got a bit better in the years since I gave up being in bands, but nevertheless my days of listening to heavy metal are largely behind me (with a few exceptions), and my music of choice now tends to be video game soundtracks. 1,114 more words

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Rom Mod Roundup: Streets of Rage

The Remake Roundup and Rom Mod features have finally met in an nuclear fusion of epic proportions that rounds up a collection of cool, interesting, or just plain weird… 986 more words