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“If only”, right? To be Karl Malden would be more than I deserve to be honest. I mean, I’m not a monster or anything, but, damn, as ‘The Kurgan’ said when impaling Conor MacLeod in preparation for beheading him, “There can be only one”. 7 more words

(Found In) Lone Mountain (San Francisco, California): 1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe Bel-Air 2 Door Hardtop Coupe

Although Chevrolet always languished at the bottom of the traditional General Motors hierarchy, often it portrayed itself as an aspirational Cadillac for the everyperson. While Ford’s most often left it to middle child Mercury to dress up in Mama Bear Lincoln Luxury guise, Chevrolet quite often did drag in the duds more associated with the higher echelons of the country’s biggest manufacturer. 529 more words

Streets Of San Francisco

(Found In) Lone Mountain (San Francisco, California): 1964 Studebaker Avanti

The Studebaker Avanti is the most Christ-like of all personal coupes. I’m not too sure that the end of production at South Bend fell on a Friday, or whether the revival of limited production models came on a Sunday. 820 more words

Streets Of San Francisco

San Francisco days, San Francisco nights

The long haul will be quickly forgotten, the city once there etched on you forever.  We never will be through, San Francisco.

First published in GQ Magazine (November 2016 edition). 2,240 more words

(Found In) The Tenderloin (San Francisco, California): 1959 Cadillac Series 62 4 Window Hardtop Sedan

Whether you consider the 1959 Cadillac a zeitgeist or stereotype on wheels; you’re right. No other car sums up the last theatrical breath of the middle decade of the last century to so many eyes like the cream crop cars from General Motors that paraded their proud feathers worldwide starting in the fall of 1958. 644 more words

Streets Of San Francisco

Dynamic Divergence: Driving While Black, Part 1

It’s worth note of the potential freedoms that driving and motor vehicle ownership offer people. I’ve been thinking of the scales between the freedom and consequences of the motor vehicle quite often over the last year. 567 more words

Streets Of San Francisco

(Found In) The Tenderloin (San Francisco, California): 1950 Imperial Deluxe Four Door Sedan

We’ve spoken earlier about the Imperial Image problem. From the introduction of the brand in 1926 through 1954, it was positioned as the most premium Chrysler. 534 more words

Streets Of San Francisco