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(Found In) Richmond District (San Francisco, California): 1965 Buick Skylark Convertible

As we head into Convertible season, we look back 50+ years to the peak of the Convertible Market. All American brands minus soon to exit the sales field Studebaker offered convertibles. 337 more words

Streets Of San Francisco

(Found In) Golden Gate Park (San Francisco, California): 1962 Plymouth Fury Four Door Sedan

 You shouldn’t believe everything you hear over dinner party chatter. Especially when you’re already on the ropes with your business. Chrysler Corporation seemed perpetually going just askew of where buyers wanted for a good portion of the Post-war era. 583 more words

Streets Of San Francisco

The Streets of San Francisco

“Let’s go for a walk around the city”, said Jon. This was before he revealed the proposed route and the additional piece of valuable information – that San Francisco is built on a succession of 43 hills. 957 more words


(Found In) Civic Center (San Francisco, California): 1966 Cadillac DeVille Convertible Coupe

As the 2nd half of the 1960’s got underway, Cadillac found itself not doing much wrong. The most premium General Motors offering had long banished American luxury rivals to the lower rungs of the sales charts, if not into the grave. 636 more words

Streets Of San Francisco

(Found In) Portola (San Franciso, California) : 1960 Chevrolet Impala Convertible Coupe

It might be amazing to most minds that this flaming red finned flamingo of late 50’s meets the turn-of-the-decade imagination was considered more conservative than what came before. 524 more words

Streets Of San Francisco

(Found In) Lone Mountain (San Francisco, California): 1959 Mercury Monterey 2 Door Hardtop Coupe

The superstitions around “Mercury Retrograde” are perceived as explanations for communication and travel gone awry. Maybe that was the first mistake Ford made; naming their middle brand Mercury in the first place. 439 more words

Streets Of San Francisco

(Found In) The Dogpatch (San Francisco, California): 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Sports Coupe

Although late to the heart of the intermediate market, General Motors soon ruled the roost in mid-sized car offerings. Of course, Chevrolet held the reputation of offering a sensible, stylish way to step into new car ownership. 534 more words

Streets Of San Francisco