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Spell out streets (avenues, roads, etc.) in running text: IKEA’s Columbus Boulevard store. When more than one street (or avenue, road, etc.) are named together, make… 10 more words

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…or Jock – GI Joe

I walk through a part of town where less fortunate folk congregate for free food, given away by among others, the… 303 more words


survival of the fittest on Delhi streets...

The major attraction of Delhi for girls specially is the surviving and blooming street markets.

Makes me think WHY? ..

An easy answer to that question is the cheap fashion and amazing finds (keep an eye for that). 67 more words

Convenience of Prayer

Lately, I’ve been invited by some friends to dance at a church in La Mesa, and I’ve been welcoming their invitation to worship. This past Sunday after church, Corrie and I were coming out of a 7-11 convenience store, laughing (as usual). 403 more words


Portrait tryout

We were wandering around in the evening and suddenly this shop appeared out to thin air… Absorbed by this huge masses of macarons she looked into the shop I looked for a motive… And this one is just wonderful… She looks that pretty in this one… But… She always does ;) (don’t blush darling- you know I always feel like that :*)


The day I refused to be a "hun"

The day i got called “hun” and I refused to let it go.

I’ve been told I was in a bad day. I’ve been told I was on my periods, that I was really too sensitive. 1,601 more words