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The Unrepentants (gang)

One of the important features for my setting is the prevalence of gangs.  I wish to create dozens of gangs and talk about their members, goals, alliances, conflicts, etc. 580 more words



A maze of dark alleys and dead-ends, the Penumbazaar is the place to go for your shady dealings!

Situated inside the Inner Wall, squeezed between the Enclave and the Harlequin districts, its narrow passages snake beneath the shadows of the five ziggurat and sometimes, inside of these antique (and creepy) buildings. 185 more words


The Streetwise Motorcyclist

Expert Tips For Keeping Yourself Safe In Traffic (U.S. Edition)

After many years spent as a motorcycle instructor, I have found there are particular situations that commonly crop up for the traffic motorcycle or scooter rider. 118 more words


Streetwise Vendor Memorialized in Roscoe Village

CHICAGO (CBS) — Outside the Starbuck’s at Roscoe and Seeley Streets, where Dave Urban sold Streetwise for years, is now a plaque that reads, “In honor of his caring spirit and smile.” 253 more words


How Do You Rate Your 'Street Smarts?'

Jesus understood people.  Jesus today has ‘street smarts’.  How do you rate your ‘street smarts?’

What are ‘street smarts?’: it’s an inner ability to understand that people aren’t just what they say; it’s a connection between your head and soul telling you there’s more to a situation than just what you see or hear.   147 more words


SIFF 2016: Tiny: The Life of Erin Blackwell (Martin Bell, 2016)

Not quite sure what the purpose is of this 30-year return to one of the subjects from Streetwise, the essential documentary on homeless youth. Turns out life sucks when you have ten kids, some born from prostitution and raised by the state, and are on methadone. 39 more words

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