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I spotted another Streetwise installation

It’s a while since I spotted my first Streetwise surveillance camera setup, but now I’ve spotted my second.

This time it was on the Gallowgate, monitoring the junction at Bain Street, between Barrowland and Morrison’s. 119 more words



Tick tok tick tok tick tok,
The wheels of time are ever-moving,
A cog in constant motion,
Not even the greatest intellectuals,
Have been able to harness its power, 198 more words


Cheers to all sorrowful souls

I can’t keep blaming others for something I have control over.
I can’t keep wiping my tears coz of the damages I myself caused.

I can’t keep pulling myself down for every wrong mistake I have done. 198 more words



Being alive an expression not really self-explanatory
Enjoying bits of moments an indicator of life
Being full of emotions a factor to live
Ability to hear, see, taste and touch, senses to express differences… 123 more words



A sailors call upon us,
Harsh but true,reality versus fiction,
I stand a sailor in the sea of life,
The harshness of reality is existing and ever growing, 225 more words


Strings and dolls are just the beginning
Weird as it may seem,
A lot of us rarely ask are we puppets?
21years have passed,
And I still follow the system handed down,
266 more words


Happy Hellos and Hard Goodbyes, 2017 Edition -- Part One

By Catherine Hinrichsen, Project Director, Project on Family Homelessness

The annual tradition of saying goodbye to our graduating student team never gets easier. But here we are again, celebrating the reason why our project remains strong: We choose a team of outstanding student assistants each year, and we get to watch them… 1,011 more words

Family Homelessness