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The horse that followed me to Benevento

I didn’t expect to see the horse.  The guidebooks never mentioned that one would be there, nor that others would be hidden in the same space. 973 more words


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A look back (first published in April 2015): since this visit to Benevento I've discovered another horse of Mimmo Paladino's in Naples. This horse, possibly even more striking than the others, stands on the roof of the MADRE (Museum of contemporary Art DonnaREgina) in the city.

First blog post

I plan on posting about life as a college student. And more than that as a different type of college student. One who prefers to stay in writing a blog on a Saturday night than go out partying. 157 more words

Benevento e la sua "strega"

Ho visitato la città di Benevento ed il suo centro storico nel primo pomeriggio del 16.08.2016 al rientro da una vacanza tra le acquee delle isole flegree. 454 more words

Boston Photostroll

As you all probably guessed from my post on Saturday; I was in Boston.

I got some of my favorite photos together in the slideshow below. 161 more words


Strega Beliefs

(The “Corno”, devil’s horn, protects from bad luck.)

The Evil Eye (Malocchio)

The Evil Eye, or Malocchio, is one of the most ancient and widespread superstitions of the whole Mediterranean basin.  748 more words


The European Witch Burnings 

The “witches” of Europe were women and men from villages all across Europe who were involved with their indigenous spiritual traditions. Each small village in Europe had its own rich customs about the natural world and the unseen realms. 270 more words


Goddess Diana and the Lake of the Mirror of the Moon

Diana is the Goddess of the Amazons. Diana is the Roman name for the Greek Goddess Artemis. She has two hounds that escort and protect her. 343 more words