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Strega Beliefs

(The “Corno”, devil’s horn, protects from bad luck.)

The Evil Eye (Malocchio)

The Evil Eye, or Malocchio, is one of the most ancient and widespread superstitions of the whole Mediterranean basin.  748 more words


ootd: Interview


lace mini dress: divided
floral socks: unknown
ballet flats: unknown (purchased from Ross) 141 more words


The Thrift Shopping Guide for Strega Fashion

First off, you might ask yourself why should I thrift when I can buy fancy brand name clothing? I have three reasons for you: 528 more words


ootd: Basic Witch

Basic Witch

big floppy hat: scala
gothic collar: bodyline
t-shirt dress: merona
platform oxfords: current mood 130 more words


The European Witch Burnings 

The “witches” of Europe were women and men from villages all across Europe who were involved with their indigenous spiritual traditions. Each small village in Europe had its own rich customs about the natural world and the unseen realms. 270 more words


Goddess Diana and the Lake of the Mirror of the Moon

Diana is the Goddess of the Amazons. Diana is the Roman name for the Greek Goddess Artemis. She has two hounds that escort and protect her. 343 more words


The Triple God

The three phases of womanhood are called the Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother, and Crone. These are archetypal energies of the Goddess that also show up as stages in a woman’s life. 419 more words