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My Latte Art Diary

Recently have a habit to video my latter art pour so that I can check back for the mistakes and what should I do to make it better. 40 more words

My Magical Upbringing....

So what is the best way to grow up?  There are so many wonderful ways but I consider the way I grew up as perfect. I was raised with a loving and supportive family who taught me what was really most important in life. 250 more words


God Lucifer (Phosphorus in Greek)

  • Roman Star God; son of the Dawn
  • Absolutely no relation to the Devil
  • The God of Stregheria
  • There is not much information about him
  • His name means Lightbearer in Latin…
  • 38 more words

Goddess Diana

  • Goddess of the hunt and moon and birthing; known to be the virgin goddess of childbirth and women
  • Oak groves were especially sacred to her…
  • 57 more words

Karson Had an Interesting Birthday Dinner

Karson went out to dinner with his wife Lana for his birthday over the weekend. He’ll tell you how a Billy Ocean song from the 80’s and Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz ended up being involved. 24 more words


Ishtar e La Vendetta del Demone – Finale

Lui seguiva la pista nel bosco illuminandola appena con la sua torcia elettrica.
Immerso nei suoi soliti pensieri non si accorse della persona dietro di lui. 1,265 more words