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Dreaming Of Broken Teeth

Last night I couldn’t sleep.

It just wasn’t gonna happen and I knew it.

Monday through Friday I’m in the gym by 6am.

But if I don’t sleep, I can’t train. 938 more words

The Cimaruta Charm

Keep the downy dittany and storms will bring you calm,
Fill a vervain pillow for a thought-grieved head;
Cherish balm whene’er you can, there’s none too much of balm, 538 more words

The Italian Pantry: Digestives/Liqueurs

Italians love digestives and liqueurs. They are an acquired taste. So many of them have a licorice-like flavor. They are concoctions of herbs, plants and spices. 110 more words


What Would Buffy Do?*

*https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Downtherabbithole10 – I bought a necklace with this phrase at Horror Con :) and wore with pride. Lots of other lovely items available.

I’ve finished my first batch of genre-film viewings – Vampires. 585 more words


La Roccia della Luna (part Five)

Chiedendo perdono per la lunga attesa, eccomi tornata con il quinto capitolo. Non vi farò aspettare i prossimi così a lungo, promesso! Dov’eravamo:

I cinque Maghi tendono una trappola a David, per strappargli il cuore dal petto e grazie ad esso trovare la portentosa Roccia della Luna e salvare il mondo da Bentruk e i suoi malefici una volta per tutte. 676 more words


Shop update

It has been a bit of a rocky start with my shop, DAAIN. Within a week after the opening, my sewing machine had to be repaired. 129 more words