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Bad PR 107: UC Davis and the Pepper-Spraying Video

Let me tell you all about a little something called the Streisand Effect.  It works like this – a long time ago, there was a photographer from some publication who was taking pictures of the California coastline in a piece that was meant to be about erosion.  769 more words


Barbra Streisand and Pirate Bay

Have you heard of the Streisand Effect?  According to Wikipedia (oh no, he’s referring to bloody Wikipedia again, hasn’t this guy ever heard of… 1,120 more words


Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan

(YouTube) – extra 3:

In Sachen Pressefreiheit und Menschenrechte tritt der türkische Präsident ziemlich verhaltenskreativ auf. Also diplomatisch ausgedrückt. Das ist bei uns anders. 10 more words


Defamation, the 'Streisand Effect' and YouTube legal pitfalls

Defamation, the ‘Streisand Effect’ and legal pitfalls YouTube channel PR moderators need to know

By Jane Turner, 01 February 2015

Brands must ensure their YouTube content and audience posts do not land them in a crises management situation. 1,517 more words


Marriage Alliance gets the #RainbowNoose

In a move that has ironically validated the claims of Australia’s main pro-marriage lobby group, FaceBook has temporarily “blocked” Marriage Alliance from using its platform. The 24 hour block was placed on the marriage group’s account due to its posting a meme that figuratively dramatizes the choking effect of political correctness on freedom of speech in the employment environment. 661 more words

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The Cobra Effect

It is often said that no government is ever going to be as smart as the people scheming against them. Whatever incentive scheme is introduced no matter how clever it is, people will find a way to beat it. 417 more words


Dentist Who Pled Guilty To Theft Trying To Erase Past Allegations From YouTube

A retired dentist in Georgia, who pleaded guilty in 2009 to filing Medicaid claims for procedures he didn’t actually perform, doesn’t want the world to see a nearly seven-year-old news report about allegations from patients that he physically assaulted them while in his office. 1,734 more words