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Day 20: The Sessions Sessions

What is one thing I never want to hear from Republican again? How they respect the legacy of MLK. Today the Senate confirmed Jefferson Beauregard Sessions for the Attorney General of the United States. 167 more words

The more Senator Warren is silenced, the more powerful become her words

The distinguished Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced in Congress this week for reading a letter from Martin Luther King’s widow as illustration of the unfitness of Mitch McConnell nominated as the next attorney general by Donald Trump… 530 more words

Dishing the Dirt

Techdirt.com publishes article based on my blog post re: failed attempt to censor journalists reporting on crime in Massachusetts

Yesterday, Techdirt.com founder/editor Mike Masnick – and, incidentally, the man who coined the term the… 462 more words

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Streisand Effect, Dharmanand Kosambi, Leftist intellectuals and Wendy Doniger

“What exactly are you so happy about?’ Harry asked her.
‘Oh Harry, don’t you see?’ Hermione breathed. ‘If she could have done one thing to make absolutely sure that every single person in this school will read your interview, it was banning it!” … 637 more words

Guns, Roses and Memes

As Fortune’s Daniel Bukszpan explains, a 2010 photograph of Guns N’ Roses front man Axl Rose in concert in Winnipeg, which is not the most flattering shot of the aging rocker, 183 more words

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Axl Rose Fails At Scrubbing Internet Of Unflattering Photos

We all have photos where we don’t look our best (for some of us, that would be most photos), but we can’t go around claiming we own the copyright to photos just because we don’t like the way we look. 320 more words