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The Pentagon of Martial Training

As one who subscribes to the Minimalist Martial Method of training, I have learned that there are 5 areas (sides if you will) to focus on to help get you in the best possible shape so that you can better protect yourself. 120 more words

American-te Goju-ryu

Wednesday 14/5/2014


1) Deadlift 3@ 85% 2 @ 90% 1 @ 95%of 1RM

2a) Ring Dip 5 x 5

2b) Ring Row 5 x 5

2a and 2b are to be performed as a superset… 13 more words


Extreme workouts when fitness becomes deadly


Research in May Clinic Proceedings reveals that extreme athleticism, “Excessive endurance” exercise may do lasting damage to the heart. Chronic over-exercisers may develop scarring and calcification inside their arteries and ventricles  ‘Click’ to continue reading,  6 more words

Mike Clark: Strength and Conditioning 09' - ??

Mike Clark es el actual Strength and Conditioning Coach de los Kansas City Chiefs. Clark lleva en la franquicia desde la temporada 2009 cuando llego de la mano del entonces Head Coach… 18 more words


Cardiovascular Endurance Circuit:

Cardiovascular Endurance Circuit:
Like the ME circuit, a CVE circuit would tend to be used during the pre-season. It uses many of the movements that are typical of an aerobics session. 108 more words

Strenght And Conditioning

Circuit Training-Muscular endurance Circuit

Muscular Endurance Circuit
This type of circuit is typically used during the preseason. Balancing muscle groups is the central focus when selecting exercises.
Include exercises that cover the upper, middle and lower sections of the body. 146 more words

Strenght And Conditioning

Aliens Cricket Team - Fitness Training

The `Aliens´ Cricket Team play 1st division cricket in the Norwegian National League. I have recently started practicing again in the nets with the team on Fridays, and this week we started the fitness training. 217 more words