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Straight Talk :: The Mic Fiends Visualize 'Precision Poetry'

When The Mic Fiends step up to the plate, you know you’re getting some quality factors in the rhymes you are receiving : knowledge, wordplay, confidence and experience just to name a few.   65 more words


You're not always the bad guy

Remember: while you may be suffering from some sort of mental illness, you are not always the bad guy when it comes to relationship issues. It takes 2 people to make or break any relationship! 582 more words


Oh the Hu-Mania...

Here it comes. The mania. Woke up this morning and it was like the last 2 days of the uncontrollable anxiety and depression never happened. Now, mind you, this is the 3rd day of taking the Rexulti while I wait for my Abilify and the “mania” is not a “let’s grab the bull by the horns YEEE HAW” kind of mania. 512 more words


How do you do it?

Captain’s Log, Day 3…

For those of you reading these (all 2 of you), you have no doubt seen I have jumped around quite a bit. 571 more words


From bad to worse...but hope

You found out yesterday that I hadn’t been on my meds for a while and I felt like I was having withdrawal symptoms. That only got worse… 483 more words


Bipolar: Strength in Numbers

I am an average guy. So average, we joke about it in my family. Average height. Average sense of humor. Average weight….

Ok, so below average height (except in certain countries), above average weight and I think pretty damn funny sometimes. 755 more words


A Beauty In Numbers

Each multitude

Is made of individuals.

Each crucial

Together forming


More than

Any sum.

Even …

For The Daily Post 33 more words

Anecdotes Of Life