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Talking Pizza and Pennies

Today was a banner day in my ninth grade probability and statistics class.

First, our number talk was a bite out of the real-world and not the “ 421 more words


Can I Avoid Disaster?

It is too easy to get caught up in the process, sometimes, of what we do. We forget why we started in the first place. This letter, from Sarah, arrived for us one day, and we all wondered what we might have to say to someone who was so earnestly seeking advice. 1,303 more words


Sandy Ramsey reblogged this on An Honest Sinner and commented:

I remember where I was and who I was at 23. I read the passionate plea from Sarah and know that this is not something that needs to be ignored. As a member of The Sisterwives, this is what we hope for. Not the pain..the reaching out. It is never an easy thing to do but when someone does, like Sarah, we don't ignore it. We send in the troops and today the troops are led by Michelle whose emotional words of wisdom are honest and, with hope, heard loud and clear.

Dig Nutty

Wee halve hour dig nutty yoon “O”.

Wee holed hour heh dzup hi.

Wee yarp raow dove hoo-wee yar.

Weess peek IngGlitch.

Joy nuss.

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Wow, thank you to all that have viewed Strength in Numbers. Over 25,000 and rising.

If you have a story to tell, a campaign, a website, please email me at   28 more words

All Your Stories – Strength in Numbers

I have published a new story on the All Your Stories – Strength in Numbers page

Tina’s father died as a result of the hospital failing him his insulin for 16 days.  40 more words

Je Suis Charlie

I can’t really find the words to describe this. As an English teacher, there are so many angles that I can address. The topic of free speech is surely complex, and will become more so in the post-Internet world. 74 more words


Consternation Kills

Consternation kills;

Turning inward the faint heart,

Swallowing them whole.

Such is the fear mongers goal,

To scare the masses to death.

Played time and again, 25 more words