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Glute Glory

Good morning!  Yesterday started bright and early because I had to retrieve my dog at 7 am so that my mom could finish up her long run without having to drag along a tired canine.   237 more words


Why you need a weight training in your life

  1. Muscles shape your body. You need toned muscles to look good. Do you know the term skinny fat? We don’t want that. And Ladies, peachy-like butt is made of muscles.
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Lifting Weights

Learning to Olympic lift again

A few years ago I started Crossfit, and loved it! However, trying to keep up with Crossfit Wods and marathon training proved too much, and so sadly it had to go. 223 more words


Simple changes with big benefits


Not paying attention to your posture can put an abnormal amount of stress on particular muscles. Poor posture can be due to weak core muscles, which prevent you from holding your torso and hips in proper alignment. 34 more words


3 hormones that change your body chemistry when you exercise


Hormones are the chemical messengers employed by the body to carry specific signals to a particular organ or system. Hormones are produced at various centers located within the body, known as glands. 27 more words


Playing With Bodyweight Exercises for Strength

Fists straddle, clap push ups, planche variation, hollow back press ups, handstand push ups, rotating l-sit hold.


Tuesday Strength 7/12

Tuesday Strength Workout

  • 3 Position Clean, 60% x 3
  • Front Squat, 60% x6x6
  • 4 rounds of: 5-10 strict toes to bar (hold 2 seconds with toes touching bar) and 10-15 straight-leg good mornings (light) at tempo 91X0 (9 seconds to lower, 1 second pause, then back up quickly before going in to next rep)
Strength Workouts