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do no harm

I had my first Al-Anon meeting today. There they say, secrets make us sick.

On the day of Mum’s funeral I was looking for a piece of her jewellery to wear in her honour. 1,618 more words


Adustments In Life

Human being has a nature of adjusting themselves. We people adjust according to nature, surroundings and people. We adjust with nature, people, family, partner and with many more. 271 more words



My English teacher had us wrote a poem about a natural disaster! Leave a comment if you figure out which disaster I picked.

Assignment: First stanza- before the disaster… 138 more words


To my baby girl on your 1st birthday

Sweet SJ,

Happy birthday baby girl! Mommy loves you SO much I can barely stand it! I’m so incredibly proud of what a big girl you have become. 319 more words


Your Mind is a Vault (What You Put in You Receive)

I am talking in $100 bills here. When you put anything away into the vault of your mind you want them to be 100’s not pennies. 264 more words


Strength Chapter 17

Sometimes people don’t realize how dangerous adventuring can be…

Strength Chapter 17.

TOC for “Strength”

Don’t forget that sharing with people you think will like any of the things I write will be quite helpful. 101 more words


Box Squats: Why you’re probably doing them wrong

The box squat: One of the most under utilized, and incorrectly used exercises in the strength and conditioning world. You see it in your local gyms, college weight rooms, and team programming, but not very many coaches or athletes understand the true meaning behind why we use it, and are even using it for the wrong reasons. 793 more words