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Never Give Up on Something You Can't Go a Day Without Thinking About

Marathon training is brutal, there is no other way to put it.  Combine that with a Type A, impatient, run-aholic and if you’re on the outside it can look like a train wreck.   635 more words


Happy Birthday to Me but All Thanks to God!

Good morning friends and fellow bloggers I am filled with great joy this morning. It’s my birthday, I’m super excited and probably getting on everyone’s nerve by now but I am already smiling. 1,204 more words


9 I love Sarah mummy

The affair, the lies, the deceit, the betrayal and even the court case, none of that hurts as much as what happened tonight.

It was bed time he had his bath, we played, read three stories sang songs and had question time. 293 more words


Time Saving 5x5

Evening Guys,

If you find yourself short on time there are plenty of ways you can get a great workout in a very short space of time, keeping with the principle of 5×5 (as spoken about in the most recent post it has the ability to be adapted very easily) you will only need 2 moves in this workout, 1 Compound 1 Isolation, on up to 2 body parts (chest/back, shoulders/lats, Bi’s/Tri’s etc). 248 more words


Hello world, it has been awhile.

This song has been my rock. I hope sharing it with you helps you during your hardest times.

I initially started this blog to help me cope with the news Troy and I had received, but in doing so  I found it became more and more difficult to write my feelings down to share with others. 323 more words