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It’s something that is essentially inevitable. You can be going down the correct path, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get lost in the correct direction. 301 more words


Stumbling can be a beautiful thing. Many might look at it as a mistake or a disaster. An error, a negative, something that ruined the original intent. 162 more words

I am Strong because...

Kind of a weird title for a blog post, but I hope it has intrigued you enough to take the time out of your day and read what I have to say. 802 more words


Here we begin anew.

A start of a new challenge- one that will help me move towards creating a strengths-based and positive project. While I continue to advocate the significance of being able to openly talk about mental illness and suicide, I wanted shift our perspective and focus on the hopes and strengths of the subject. 204 more words

Did that really just happen??

Bolo and I were arguing a lot more because he was gone on “missions” or whatever the hell he was doing.  It was time to renew our lease and we decided that, after being raided and all the arguing that we were doing, that we would not renew it. 1,567 more words

Domestic Violence

QOTD 11/29/15

All that stuff about whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is so not true. Do you know what makes you stronger? When people treat you and your art with dignity. — Lana Del Rey


Mantas - Big Island, Hawaii

This was big!  Huge!!  There are days when you do something lifechanging and this was mine.
I’m not sure why, but I sort of had an idea that we would be taken to a nice gentle, secluded bay and snorkel gently around with the manta swimming around us.   511 more words