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You Owe It To Yourself To Never Settle

Everyone is settling. Thinking that because we hit a certain age we need to settle down and have children. We put this undeniable pressure on ourselves to do so. 396 more words

A Masculine Mask : How Patriarchy Hurts Men

The word patriarchy which is derived from Greek Patriakhēs which means ‘the ruling father’ – used in order to explain a society made of families where the father is the head and the decision maker of the family and where children and the women have little or no say in these decisions. 696 more words

Weekend Workout - Train Like A Fighter Without Getting Hit

Combat sports, particularly boxing, have been in the news A LOT lately, which is why I felt it be appropriate to share a weekend workout that features a few boxing & kickboxing techniques. 107 more words



He kept his doll on the bed and put her to sleep

He loved the doll

Even though he received it early,

He Adored her… 130 more words


Unleash the Dragon

I was reminded today that there are those

who read the label “Survivor”

and instead only see

only hear


Who will deem me… 108 more words


milk and honey by Rupi Kaur

2 stars 

Rupi Kaur’s poetry collection was not what I expected. I’ve heard great things and raving reviews about it from two friends, but I just had a lot of issues with this collection. 1,053 more words

Book Reviews

Some days

Some days I just want to cry

and some days, I just do

Some days I roll all the windows down in the car and sing loudly to the music playing on the radio… 178 more words