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Your Strength - Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge.

You never know much strength you have, until you have put yourself to the task.  Jacqueline

Your strength lies often in your brain
and not just in the brawn,

242 more words

Something Still Delicate

To take back an echo—
I may caution towards a notion impossible
Yet how do you breathe without sound?
For I hold a chest of memories… 122 more words


Best Friend at Twilight

Sunlight shining through the window pane,

Glittering and dancing,

Adding new life to these four walls.

Lighting up the soul with warmth and love,

But impossible to pin down. 185 more words


Pick Yourself Up, And Shut Up

Put yourself on the line.
If you fail,
how would it hurt?
You’ve been feeling pain,
since the very start.
It’s time to believe,
that you could finally relieve. 14 more words



The simple things in life…

We recently visited my sister and her lovely family in Peoria, Illinois. Besides seeing some sights and spending time together, they had a little gift for Adam and Laura. 125 more words


Thank you for:

794. Ways to get out of my “head”

795. Taking a break when your mind tells you to

796. People who are considerate and respectful – and for the people who aren’t – so they can remind you to be grateful for the people who are again… 49 more words