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New Years Inspiration: keep going 

When the morning is dark and your eyelids are heavy

Keep going

And you question yourself and all the burdens you carry

Keep going

When you shrink and you baulk at the the tasks at hand… 127 more words


Fear is the Mind Killer

I’m on the phone with my mother, the day after the Women’s March, two day’s after the Inauguration of Trump. “I was worried about you!” she says, “What if there had been tear gas!”. 2,345 more words

Self Care

Spiritual Sunday (Stop Blaming God For Your Storms) 

I decided to write a quick blog on people who love to blame God or put God in the midst of the mess they have created for themselves. 242 more words

Spilled Wine

The past few days have hit me like a train if I am being honest.

After the excitement of seeing my friends and getting back into the swing of things wore off, I am back to square one. 199 more words

Price of peace

That top was twenty dollars, in case you were wondering. The one I’m gonna spend tomorrow morning peeling off your floor, quietly so I don’t wake you up. 242 more words