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Carry gold


You are created, and then recreated.

A woman, who was made by a rib.

She was founded by the support of the man.

The moment she took her first breath, she was special. 148 more words


So here I am

I try not to steer too far off track with this blog. It began because a co-worker – and friend – encouraged me to write. 216 more words


Take Charge

Take charge of how you feel.

Never surrender to feelings of shame, guilt, negativity, hate, or sorrow…

Strongly believe that you can feel the way you want to feel… And you will… 45 more words


Gains Loading!

Fitness beasts! You’ve been dearly missed!

So, I’ve been trying this new routine, full body everyday!

Why? Because so many studies are showing that the skinny fat body type should train their full body every single day! 52 more words



My voice bleeds
like the Third Amendment does rights
and in its whisper I am caged
but just as mighty

© Tamara Natividad | pisceanesque.com | Written 25 April, 2017


4 training elements to remember

Volume – Total amount lifted per session (or per week/training block)

Intensity – The overall % lifted relative to your given Rep Maxes

Density – Doing more done in the same time/same done in less time… 637 more words