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Chance cannot touch me! Time cannot hush me!
Fear, Hope, and longing, at strife;
Sink as I rise, on, on, upward forever,
Gathering strength, gaining breath— 21 more words


Healing through Love

I love myself because I have to. This is not because I don’t feel love around me, but because I seriously think that the only person that loves you honestly IS YOU! 449 more words


If You're Feeling Down

Hey, you.

I know, things don’t feel so okay right now, and it sucks. But it’s okay to feel the way you feel, and it’s okay to let it out. 208 more words


You Got This

Being renewed in your mind starts with being stripped of who you are. It can feel like your going crazy sometimes, because you are losing who you used to be. 71 more words

Growing In My Storms

In a field of beautiful flowers,
where sky is still and kissed by sunlight,
your eyes will not find me standing there
seeking a tranquil breeze for answers. 134 more words


Episode #12: We all need time. Time to heal, time to breathe and time to love others in our own way.

In time, we all heal.  Not completely, but enough to keep pushing ourselves to keep trying.  

Each one of us, regardless of how strong we think we are, have our limit. 380 more words

Every Fairy Tale Has It's End

None of us are as strong as we want to be. – Jessica