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TWIR #61: sunshine!

Omg, Spring has finally arrived in my neck of the woods. It has been warm. There has been sunshine. I know it’s banal to talk about the weather, but seriously we’ve had the wettest, greyest, most thoroughly depressing Fall/Winter season so this is news worth celebrating. 942 more words

I may be seventeen but I am still a kid.

I am terrified of growing up. Absolutely mortified.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

When I was a little kid I would look at all the teenagers and adults in my life; I would think to myself… 392 more words


Free Me From This Prison

Every single second of every day I pray for a reprieve from this insidious pain I live with, called my body.

Today is a very high level pain day for me and normally I wouldn’t even feel like sitting at the computer, but sitting here is the only place I have felt any comfort today. 516 more words


Dream Machine



Master manipulator

Captain courageous

Bodies hidden in the basement


Faking a fairy tale

Skipped out on bail

Constant craving

Lil red raven… 48 more words


Guest Writer: Venus Sublime

Your harsh experiences, heartaches, heart breaks, perceived failures aka lessons, trials and tribulations all serve your grand purpose. Once you take them to heart, those perceptions that we saw in a dark light will begin to pierce a hole (similar to a black hole) and the love you were born as soon becomes laid aside and your true essence is then compromised. 68 more words

Caring Hands

I was visiting a nursing home when I noticed one woman was extremely upset. Another woman gently reached over and took the hand of the distressed woman, giving her strength to face whatever challenge lay ahead.


Strength training 

So they say it’s good for you. To push your muscles so hard during strength training that they rip and hurt at least a little during the exercise. 51 more words

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