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MAY it be a positive month!

I’m on my thirty second week. Feeling tired, irritated more than ever and a little heavy than usual. so much has happened since I last published an entry… our own apartment, we’re having a boy, apparently I’m a gestational diabetic which means I have to prick myself every other day to record my sugar reading. 277 more words


Letting go

I didn’t have any words for how I’m feeling today, so I drew instead. I drew with white pencil on black paper because sometimes it’s easier to let the background speak for itself, and for me to just add suggestions to the paper. 11 more words

Footprints on the Heart

When you have lost a baby the grief can seem like a very private thing. People don’t want to mention it in case they upset you and it can sometimes seem like the world has forgotten or dismissed what has happened. 91 more words



I speak of EL-GIBBOR, the Mighty Warrior, the One clothed with strength just like an army general,
Armed with more power than the entire cast of tough guys in that film, what do they call it? 474 more words


144/365 - Let the Camino begin

After four days of rest, our group of 10 is ready to set off on the first stage of the Camino De Santiago – from St Jean Pied du Port to Pamplona. 196 more words


Support Network?

Who the hell are you?

You don’t have the right to make me feel blue.

I don’t give a fuck what you say.

No longer will your presence get in my way. 260 more words


Not today...

Sometimes, it feels being sensitive is a curse. You feel things- deeply, a little too deeply. It hurts, you need your heart to bleed but it doesn’t, you need the tears to fall but they won’t. 408 more words