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This Haiku: Free If We Want

Oh! Amidst the thorns

-have you granted safe harbor,

strong spirits, fresh air?

When You Stand Alone

This past week marked Palm Sunday on the Christian calendar, a day on which we remember the entry by Jesus into Jerusalem before His crucifixion. The Gospel writers describe exuberant crowds lining the road, laying their cloaks on the ground and waving branches as they cheer Jesus. 366 more words

March Madness

 “She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom”

I remember at the end of February I couldn’t wait for March to come. I was over February and needed a new start – and I wanted life to be exciting, fresh and new.

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The truth about MOTIVATION!

So motivation seems to be a big thing these days (it’s even got its own day! :0), whats the big thing about motivation? I’ve just watched a video that had a great title “Motivation is NOT what you need”, eye catching right? 455 more words





Nothing will help us grow spiritually more than spending time alone with God every day, reading His Word and praying. I know our lives are busy today, but time alone with God is essential to our spiritual welfare. 238 more words

Dark corners

I’ve slumped back into my dark corner today. Joe’s been gone two days and minimal contact means I’m left wondering if he’s okay. And today it’s my first shift back at work for Easter. 68 more words


10 Reasons To Love Yourself Right Now

1.  Look in the mirror. You’re freaking stunning.

2. Are you breathing right now? Love your body for it’s amazing ability to turn oxygen into life. 273 more words