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Recording of James Taylor's webinar: 'Why I wish I was a non-Native English speaker'.

In this post I’d like to give you a summary of the first TEFL Equity Advocates webinar: ‘Reflections on “Why I wish I was a non-Native English Speaker”’, which was given on February 22nd by James Taylor, the president of BELTA (the Belgian English Teachers Association), which supports the project. 886 more words


My Quiet Place of Strength

In God’s hand, a yielded weakness has greater power than an unyielded strength.

Because of my daily struggle with ME/CFS, I often live out my life in baby steps.

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Commentary for Tetzaveh

This week’s parshah contains the instructions for the garb of the High Priest, including the breastplate. The High Priest’s breastplate was a single piece of woven material measuring one cubit by a half cubit, and then folded over in half to form a pocket. 238 more words

A Little Bit of My Dark

My dad’s 61st birthday was a little over a week ago and in the event that you’re just joining the Righteous Revival community (welcome!), he wasn’t here to sing happy birthday to or to blow out any candles. 633 more words


What Lauren Oliver Learned While Writing a Novel

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview New York Times-bestselling author Lauren Oliver on her experiences as an editor, a writer, and the founder of literary incubator… 1,003 more words


A Practical Sith Code

Written by Khaos
(Originally published on September 21st, 2009)

There are many codes in life, and each individual finds one, or makes up his own that he follows. 2,036 more words


Heeding Haiku With HA: Be a Judge!

I too think the same.

And to prove that point, I would like you to write down a succession of haiku or tanka or both (5-10) and leave them for a while. 262 more words

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