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Understanding and Achieving Success

It is amazing to learn about people who truly follow their dreams and achieve them. The odds were stacked against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and yet he managed to reach the level of power and prestige he is recognised for today. 652 more words

Accept Yourself

I’m dyscalculic.

I learn slowly.

I need a lot of repetition to understand things.

I struggle to process the world around me.

I fight depression and anxiety. 541 more words


Sticking To What You're Good At

Hi Ladies,

Happy Tuesday! I hope that everyone had a way better Monday than I did. Yesterday was a dozy for me, I woke up and my body just was NOT here for it! 486 more words


The ‘p word’ and feminism’s weakness

Looking through history, there’s an ideology that has been passed down from the ancient civilisations to the modern world, but we as humankind have developed a self-awareness seen rarely elsewhere in the animal kingdom. 715 more words

Young Writers

Exit 144. Why do sports people argue so much about who is the greatest of all time?

This post is about five days late.  I know.  It was a hectic week.  Remind me next time I plan to go to two basketball games on weeknights to make sure that progress reports aren’t due the same week.   703 more words

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." (Addendum)

I mentioned in the previous post that mine was a story that is too long to be penned down easily. And as I was writing that post, I knew there would be a follow-up; a part 2 to the story I was sharing. 1,461 more words

Native Speakers aren't better – so don't believe it by Elly Setterfield

When I started my blog The Best Ticher, I foolishly assumed that I was writing for an audience like my younger self: British (or perhaps American), relatively young (maybe one or two years out of university) who’d taken a TEFL course at least in part because it seemed like a good idea… and then who headed abroad to teach reluctant and terrified. 2,023 more words