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How my strengths affect my educational philosophy?

If I had to sum up what my educational philosophy was in a simple statement it would be this: Every student has the right to a safe learning environment that utilizes their unique strengths and abilities. 425 more words


How do my strengths apply to my role as a teacher?

Now that I know my strengths, I need to reflect on how I can apply these strengths to develop myself as a teacher.

  1. Achiever: One of the aspects of achievers that make them stand out is they “routinely raise the spirits of people by putting aside what you are doing and giving them your undivided attention” (Clifton & Anderson, 2001).
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What are my strengths?

Knowing what your personal strengths are is vital to understanding who you are as a teacher. By having a deep understanding and developing our strengths, we will provide our students with the best versions of ourselves. 725 more words


Hurt People

That’s an adjective in the title, by the way, not a declarative sentence. Here it is as a thesis– an adjective and a verb: hurt people hurt people. 217 more words

I Am A Woo...What Are You?

Woo. Woo, who? No, that’s not a knock-knock joke. Woo is a strength identified by the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment tool.

My top 5 signature themes/strengths are: Responsibility, Strategic, WOO (Winning Others Over), Communication, and Self-Assurance. 217 more words

Professional Development

StrengthsQuest Departmental Training

Wow, what an honor it was to partner with District Office Talent Development/Talent Central Departments (Lorri Hill, Tracy Morin, and Marisa Patlan) in the Gallup StrengthsQuest based departmental training. 204 more words

Professional Development

On Feeling, Thinking, Liberal Arts, & Careers

I recall an MTBI-fueled fever sweeping my undergrad campus in early 2010: everywhere, I heard mutterings of thinking or feeling, introverted or extroverted, oh yeah, well, what’s your percentage? 951 more words