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Chocolate Chip Bars

I often find myself craving cookies without the desire to make individual cookies. Mostly because I’m lazy and sometimes because I have had too much wine.  153 more words


Tipsy Valentine - Chocolate Whiskey Cupcakes

As you may have seen on Instagram over the weekend, Valentine’s cupcakes were whipped up and doled out to a couple of special valentines. Megan found a seriously tempting recipe that she thought K and B would like, so we tried it out! 336 more words


The Barefoot Con"stress"a -- a post by Molly

How many resonance structures does carbonate have? 3. What year was the Treaty of Burlingame signed? 1868. What is the derivative of a natural log function? 484 more words


Coping with baking

Each day I wake up and think I’m doing a little better than the day before.

Then, like a 18 wheeler, it hits me– a gigantic wave of grief. 294 more words


Sweet, sweet sugar coma

We made it! Sort of… we’ve rolled through, in some form or another, to the other side of Thanksgiving. Some of us are a little worse for the wear (did I  463 more words


Stress baking

Any of you all have a specific thing you do when you are stressed?

Much to my boyfriends chagrin, I bake. You would think he would love it seeing that he manages a flour mill. 136 more words

Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts

I like to stress bake because it is the only activity I can do that really takes my mind off academics… and I am really committed to that one task. 477 more words