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Stress Baking: Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometime sophomore or junior year, I developed the terrible habit of stress-baking. Every time I sat down at my desk and tried to open my textbooks or to start reading through Powerpoints, I found myself going onto Pinterest and scrolling through baking recipes. 311 more words


Stress Baking: Fruit Tart

I am a stress baker – I bake mostly when there is too much going on and I need time to think; when it feels like I’m just barely plugging in the cracks in the pie. 260 more words


Elbow Deep in Dough and Feelin' Fine, or Stress Baking

There’s nothing more calming than getting away from my computer, away from school work and work-work and devoting an entire day to baking. My pastry of choice: cookies (although I recently made single-serve apple pies in tiny mason jars so I’m open to branching out). 701 more words


Recipe for relaxation

It’s odd that one of the most therapeutic things I only started doing because my older cousin stopped doing it. 602 more words