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How To: 5 Easy Stress Reliever Toys!

There are so many great (and easy to make) tools to help kids and adults effectively handle stress! Here are my favorites for you to try at home! 363 more words

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High blood pressure not being lowered by medication? University of Windsor needs you

University of Windsor researchers need volunteers with high blood pressure to get a grip.

The university needs 95 volunteers who will squeeze a handgrip — a digital version of a stress ball — a couple times a week in a 16-week trial. 423 more words


I Hate My Stress Ball

Every Sunday night, I eagerly pick up my phone to call my mom for our weekly talk. But then I put the phone down. I am forgetting something. 234 more words


Stress Ball – To Kill Your Stress!

When everything around you seem to be boring and pointless, the mind is overloaded with thoughts and the heart is burdened and you get the feeling that you cannot cope up with anymore pressure, it clearly indicates that you are suffering from a condition called ‘stress’. 380 more words

Stress Ball

My Trich Dilemma

I have trichotillomania. That means that I pull out my hair without even realizing it as a way to deal with stressors. I pull from my eyebrows which usually means that I have bald patches in my eyebrows. 283 more words


SBPT - UV Coated Stress Ball Stylus Pen with Rubber Grip

Proudly Presents the…

UV Coated Stress Ball Stylus Pen with Rubber Grip

*Available in Blue, Green, Yellow, or Red

Laser Engraved

 Just push down on the stress ball with your thumb to retract the pen.  40 more words

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Kids Crafts Leave You Stressed - Here's The Answer

Kids crafts can be messy, sticky and down right stressful, so when Rachel suggested we make a stress ball she’d seen on Art Ninja it seemed like the perfect solution. 184 more words

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