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Why Personalized Stress Balls Should Be Offered To Stressed-Out People

Personalized stress balls are widely used by stressed out users to get relief from built-up stress and tension. These squishy balls are rolled and squeezed repeatedly in the palms of the hands and are known by different names like stress relievers, stress relief balls, stress toys. 457 more words

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Soul Glitter

We all have our favorite ways to unwind after a long day. For some, it’s a favorite TV show. For others, it’s a glass of wine. 202 more words


2016 Project 365, Day 308: Stress Ball

Photo #308: November 3

Went through a tough day today, but I was able to vent out my frustration and anger thanks to some of my closest tutor friends. 41 more words

How to Make a Stress Ball

Grr are you ever feeling stressed and just want to scream well here is the solution you could make a stress ball. All you need is  a balloon and sand. 72 more words

Spend Less For Stress Relief Using Personalized Stress Balls

Stress balls are used to relieve oneself from the stress and tension that are pent up within by repeated squeezing and rolling with hands. These squishy balls are also called as stress relievers, personal stress balls, stress relief balls or stress toys. 449 more words

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Strawberries - Amigurumi #33

Summer may have ended, but the delicacies can be enjoyed year round.

This was inspired by Shan, my other cousin. When Korilakkuma was just a head, Shan was entertained by throwing the head up in the air. 274 more words


Increase Brand Awareness With Promotional Stress Balls

As part of marketing strategy, stress balls work as an ideal marketing tool to help in brand promotion and business development. Their popularity could be gauged from the fact that these items are the best-selling promotional products for the many years of their existence.   456 more words

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