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Best Tips for Stress Prevention

Stress Prevention

More and more people look for stress remedy, but what most people know is that stress prevention should be given importance most of all.There are simple things you can do to make sure that you won’t have to suffer from stress. 368 more words

Parenting and Stress

Let’s talk about stress and parenting for a moment. They go hand in hand, don’t they?

In 2011, with seven active and inquisitive children at home ranging from a preschooler to a high schooler, with a flourishing career and spiritual life, plus a busy husband who also worked full-time, not only was I well-acquainted with “Stress,” but so on a first-name basis with it that I wrote and published a book on Amazon, entitled “Real Life Stressbusters for Moms on the Go.” I offered it free as an e-book for the first week and it got downloaded over 400 times in the US, the UK and in Australia. 630 more words


Have A Break... Have A KitKat!

It’s 7:14 PM Wednesday and for the first time since school started I feel happy and content. :)

Sure, I still have homework to do, but I finally realized that taking a break is just as important as getting (most) of your work done. 271 more words


Perfectionist personality propagates stress

We’ve all heard about and maybe even worked with someone who can be described as having a “Perfectionist Personality.” Sometimes, even the sound of “perfectionist” causes a stressful reaction in those of us who have encountered this personality type and experienced negative relationships and communications. 626 more words


Stress, Burnout and Saying No

According to a survey of employees by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), between 40-50% have reported that their job is “very” stressful and 26% report frequent burnout or stress from their employment.  354 more words


Are you 'stressed out'?

At the May 8th All Staff meetings, Director of Process Improvement and Risk Management, Rayshawn Wilson, PC, LICDC-CS handed out stress assessments for each staff member to fill out for their own assessment. 492 more words

Mental Health

GH Author Q&A Series: Karen Peterson on "Helping Them Heal"

It’s hard to know what  goes on in a student’s life at home. But while there are many stressful factors outside of the classroom, an educator can control what goes on inside the classroom. 592 more words