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Principle 1: The Breath and the Body

I was scouring the web the other day and came across this great series, and I would love to share the four short videos with you.   203 more words


4 Steps to Effectively Manage Worry and Anxiety

Worry is like being on a spinning ride minus the thrill of excitement. Instead worry is  experiencing spinning thoughts filled with what-ifs. One worry leads to another worry with no clear direction of how to stop the dizzying spin. 777 more words

Emotional Wellness

Cortisol: Fa(c)t or Fiction!!!

Now this should rattle a few cages lol But hey, I do love to invoke a good, constructive discussion:-)

A key cause of breakdown in our immune system is stress which causes our adrenal glands to produce cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone” which helps us prepare for a ‘flight or fight’ response. 807 more words

Is Stress Bad for You?

Apparently it is not as simple as “yes or no.”  Kelly McGonigal talks about a Harvard study that shows that, how you think about stress… 107 more words

Creative Mind

Focus and Stress Responses

It is human nature to believe in the state of simplicity. We want answers to be clear, direct, and accountable. Unfortunately, even though the answers to our life questions are simple, the questions we ask are not. 888 more words

How to Beat Stress by Acting Like a Lioness

“You don’t look very good in that top…” “That was a stupid thing to say…” “You’re so lazy…”

If someone else talked to me this way I would want to punch them in the face, but isn’t this the way I routinely talk to myself? 295 more words


Real Work

“This is the real work.”—my words to my mother as we sat the dining room table a few nights ago.  I felt like I was about to spin out.  876 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome