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Setting Goals...Stressful or Empowering?

Here it is February, the 2nd month of 2018.  Who made goals for the New Year? When was the last time you gave your goal some attention?  663 more words

Biological Theories Part That One: Depression

Hello! And welcome to the fun part! Let’s dive right on in, ladies and gents.

Depression and Anxiety share some very common roots, especially in the biological arena. 2,575 more words

The Curriculum

Biological Theories Part This One: Anxiety

Hello and welcome to the fun part! If reading about Anxiety makes you anxious, I highly recommend you keep going. The biggest dragons guard the best treasure! 1,542 more words

The Curriculum

3 Simple Exercises to Reduce Stress

Stress is a part of our everyday reality. Whether it is related to an upcoming interview, your child’s health, exams, losing a job, an argument with your partner, unpaid bills or a pending deadline – we are all familiar with stress. 50 more words


Doing even better things

My word for 2018 is metamorphosis, which for me is a lot about letting go. I’ve been thinking about what ingrained habits, automatic behaviours, and stale dreams, I can shed this year as I move towards my next zero birthday and my anniversary of ten years since I returned to Australia from the UK. 746 more words


Mind-Body Connection

This area of the Wheel of Health relates back to the inner ring of Mindful Awareness. It focuses on mind-body practices that can help you be more present and enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. 846 more words

So why are we so stressed out?

The ‘stress response’ is why also known as the fight or flight response. A physiological response that enables us to quickly assess a situation in order to decide whether to stay and fight or to flee imminent physical danger and seek safety. 973 more words