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What Your Stress Response Says About You

As a psychotherapist, I often hear people talk about how they just get so stressed out over the smallest stuff but they feel like they can’t control it. 508 more words

Some non-food ways of managing stress

Stress is an unavoidable part of life. Therefore, it’s important to recognize the devastating physiological, mental, emotional, spiritual and social impact it ensues on our lives.    654 more words

Body Image

Persister Cell Formation as a Stress Response in Archaea

Persisters are phenotypic variants within a microbial population as they are metabolically dormant and transiently tolerant to different environmental stresses. Recently, Kim and Wood (2016) 343 more words

Child-Distractions: Journey of Freedom 2017–Day 08

Guiding Thought

My connection with the Infinite Source of Love is and always has been enough. Love loves me always, everywhere. Assured in love, I am perfectly loveable and perfectly loving with all people in all situations.  797 more words


Sorry, I Get Distracted

I have not been writing a whole lot for the past couple of weeks. I’ve just been so busy! There are things to do, places to go, people to meet, and just a long list of appointments to meet. 396 more words

Mental Illness (Main)

Supporting Your Shipmate’s PCS Move

Like any transition, permanent change of station (PCS) moves can be exciting, frustrating and stressful all at once. Recently, Navy announced that Sailors and their families can continue to expect… 571 more words



The tendency to blame is a sign of emotional immaturity(in my opinion).  Have you ever noticed that some people immediately look for who or what to blame every time something goes wrong?  158 more words