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Transition Time

In the past few weeks we’ve completed a couple more steps toward getting Emmett (Wen Wen). Right now it’s looking like we might have a 4th of July Gotcha Day – but we won’t know for sure until about 2 weeks before we can travel.  422 more words

Blessed Stress

Stress is a normal and natural part of everyday life. Stress occurs when demands placed upon us exceed our body’s ability to cope. The body’s response to stress, often referred to as the “flight-or-fight” response, kicks in automatically at these times. 254 more words

Remembering To Breathe

A small ritual to get your digestion up and stress down. Advice from 2 herbalists | Guts & Glory

Fact: When you are less stressed out, you digest better.

We may be used to tuning out stress, but living in constant fight-or-flight survival mode is a killer for the gut microbiome. 332 more words

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What Activates Well-being #1: Mini Mindful Moments

Here is why mindfulness gets the #1 spot in this list of what activates well-being:

It has unique ingredients compared to other forms of relaxation or meditation. 271 more words



Hi there!

Matti was a highly regarded managing director
of this large finacial company;    he was now
preparing for his speech in front of all the 600… 535 more words


Spring Time

Here in Massachusetts, we are three days into spring and we’ve had fabulous sunny weather, a snowstorm that caused a two hour delay, and then warmer weather today. 446 more words

More Stress Now = Less Stress Later

Over the last while, I have been helping my children learn more about who they are as people. I feel it is the first step in helping them to find the life that will be the most fulfilling to them. 1,453 more words