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Is Anxiety All in Your Head?

This is an article I wrote for Redbrick newspaper a couple of weeks ago. I’m currently on holiday, so I’ve queued this post in advance. Apologies if you’ve read it already! 722 more words


Exams, papers, classes: Don't stress! Or maybe you should?!?

Take a few moments and listen to Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal’s powerful TED Talk.  This 14 minute video could help you re-frame your “stress” mindset, and adjust your reaction to the stresses of student life. 305 more words

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"Diary of a Wimpy Nation"

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This July 18, 2013 article found on the HUFF Post Lifestyle page talks about the effect of stress, and the dangers of ignoring stress which is something that is all to common of a practice in our country.  66 more words

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How to Use a Calisthenics Training-Log

Whether you are using a training-log, journal, diary in a paper-back, spreadsheet or training software format you’ll want to make sure you are recording the basics no matter what sport you are training in. 476 more words


How to Monitor Your Waking Heart Rate from your Billiards Training

One way to monitor the effectiveness of your Billiards training is to measure your waking heart-rate each day. The waking heart-rate can act as a physiological stress response indicator from the previous days Billiards training sessions.  110 more words


How To Use The Daily Analysis of Life Demands for Pool Players Doing Billiards

The Daily Analysis of Life Demands for Pool Players (DALDA) is a peer-reviewed psychological stress test established since 1978. This tool allows coaches and Pool Players to measure the psychological stress responses from the previous days Billiards workouts.The first factors to be measured should be psychological, for they occur first in the breakdown of a Pool Player’s capacity to adapt to stress. 107 more words