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I think I am getting lazy, with everything in my life.

Lately, I really don’t want to do anything unless I’m having fun while doing it. 221 more words


Here I sit trying to figure out my life.  I feel like I have ADD trying to balance my life.  How does one focus on balancing the joys of life when emotions are all over the place? 252 more words

Mindfulness: Saying No, Saying Yes

This year, I have taken on a hell of a lot of extra work out of a misplaced sense of obligation.

Saying no to people has been one of my weaknesses for a while; I can be easily guilt tripped into almost anything. 267 more words


Resilience - How to thrive not just survive

Resilience (the ability to bounce back from set-backs and cope effectively with stress) is quite a buzz word at the moment. Yet there seems to be very few practical tools, techniques or advice on how to get this elusive yet necessary quality needed to survive in our ever changing world. 1,472 more words

Sclav de Bucuresti

35 de ani am fost si eu in aceeasi situatie, dar am evadat! Am evadat in provincie unde viata este mult mai calma, unde am mai mult timp pentru mine, sau pentru alte activitati… 601 more words


Submerged: The 4 Warning Signs of Stress

Young Adults (18-35) reported the highest levels of stress and distress compared to any other age group. With with one in five reporting that current stress was having a strong to very strong impact on mental health. 639 more words

Catholics Encountering Jesus

I am a blessed person.  On a day in October 1986, during a business lunch meeting, I encountered Jesus Christ in such a manner that my mood of severe depression was miraculously relieved and transformed into a feeling of elation and euphoria.   716 more words