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A good year - 2018 - day 110

The day started off well, with being ready to go out the door five minutes early.

My “Our Daily Bread” App from yesterday jumped at me again: 702 more words


A good year - 2018 - day 109

Looking forward to today. Have a “Communication in the Workplace” Course to attend with my lunch buddy and another colleague.

Went out to the car and the battery was fully charged. 647 more words


Reflections: Turning 30

Notes on some lesson I’ve learnt in life so far.

On Life

  1. Don’t regret or resent your hardships. It builds your character and provides a potential foundation for a strong work ethic.
  2. 339 more words

How to Recognize and Stop Emotional Eating

Regardless of what it’s caused by (such as work, school, or personal relationships), stress is something that affects us all. For some, stress can be a minor and infrequent occurrence, while for others it can be a reoccurring, daily problem, resulting in serious mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. 519 more words


The Not-Invented-Here syndrome

I have high expectations of natural science researchers. I assume that their studies will improve over time, and develop methods and experiments that produce reliable evidence to inform us of human conditions. 424 more words


Madhouse- body

Your belligerent electric eyes
of swamps and tea bags
like vapours & death
picking my hair strands
to dissect me further,
oh you, mouth of monster… 71 more words