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How lack of sleep influences concentration at work and increases stress levels

I have written about sleep before and how it affects our mood and everything inbetween. There are numerous articles and studies that I can quote about this as I have done the research about this issue because I have struggled with sleep for many years. 199 more words


I shook for minutes before finally hitting send on an email that, until I actually came to write, I never saw myself sending. My phone made a whooshing noise as my admittance of defeat flew off to various staff members at my university. 900 more words


Day 17.

Today marks day 17 of this episode of depression. I had a road rage incident today and realize how much everything in my life has taken a toll on me. 1,622 more words

Forest and Flame

My family spent the past weekend camping. I love camping, I love having the chance to escape into the forest and enjoy some time away from technology and the internet, but… you always have to come back. 1,328 more words