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Appreciating Little Things in Life

This Saturday morning my boyfriend and I didn’t want to get up since the thought of having to study all day wasn’t really appealing. We stopped for a moment, cuddled, talked, enjoyed each other’s company (and procrastinated). 320 more words



It finally happened, I had a breakdown at work. Sigh. Let’s start from the beginning.

This morning I didn’t have a desire to do anything. I was able to get up and make a small breakfast, but I knew that was all I was going to be able to stomach. 929 more words

DEFROST ( 2016 )

Oh would that we might comprehend

How paths in life walk hand in hand

With all we need to understand

Like values held both small and grand. 27 more words


A Conversation with Writer’s Block Part II

WS : The last time we spoke you said that the lethargy, procrastination and inaction associated with writer’s block is fear based.

WB : Yes, I remember. 981 more words

yes, I'm officially homesick...

It has been about a month since I last posted because I am interning for an organization that deals with food policy. Simultaneously, I am working on my thesis research. 507 more words

In and Out

When I’m in, I flow and know it won’t last
but in that moment I don’t ask too many questions,
and then when out, I see only bags under my eyes… 94 more words


¿Qué es Mindfulness o la atención consciente?

Estamos viviendo una época donde reaccionamos a diferenes estímulos, que nos impiden apreciar el momento que estamos viviendo.

“Mindfulness es una práctica en la que tomamos conciencia de las distintas facetas de nuestra experiencia en el momento presente. 132 more words