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Throwback laugh your buns off Halloween thursday!

OK, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to post today. But, I knew I wanted it to have a Halloween theme, as well as be health related. 50 more words

Health And Wellness


It’s been a while. Lately though I have decided to write everyday. Something I wasn’t really doing before. I started a journal. It has helped me stay consistent, and also be more in touch with who I am, and my feelings. 480 more words


SELF-LOVE: 5 Self-love Exercises That You Need To Practice. NOW

The situation in the world is more and more intense 😓 (and even more intense in Poland now as government keeps taking our rights, now e.g. 274 more words


Our Students are Stressed; Exercise Compassion

At the best of times, the life of a law student is stressful. Law students, like lawyers, are over-represented in reported statistics of depression and anxiety. 691 more words

To De-Stress Before the Election, Try the “Titration” Method

How to open and close the tap on difficult emotions

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Written by Michelle DeMarco and published in Medium.com 10/28/2020

“Tick… tick… tick…” That’s the sound of the timer on the bomb forecast to detonate on November 3, 2020. 1,868 more words