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Hazy Eyes

That’s a catchy title, isn’t it? It’s also accurate because that’s how my eyes feel: hazy. I’ve been squinting at this bloody screen for over 2 hours trying to go through this ruddy paper and fixing all the fucking things the profs told me to fix. 667 more words

Lose your Temper, Lose your Edge

There is an old saying that states that: “Those, whom the gods would destroy, they first make angry.”

Anger is depression, fear and frustration turned outward.  349 more words


Is political talk getting you down? Try Urilium Life 9000!

Here’s the new wonder-drug we were talking about on the show today. Take Urilium Life 9000 for political anxiety! 12 more words

John Williams

PSA: Needing Info Fast!

If anyone and i mean ANYONE knows about Multiple Sclerosis (aka MS), reach out to me asap. My friend was just diagnosed with it and we need info on it ASAP! 19 more words


Where I've Been

Hi guys! This is a little life update about where I have been and why I haven’t been posting blogs as much. Recently, I have been extremely busy with my work and I have been taking all of my time to do extra revision and work. 85 more words

Didn't Get To Talk To The Owner

It is late in the afternoon and I still have not gotten up. I have been laying here in my bed doing stuff on my phone off and on for hours. 349 more words


The Science of Self Care

Feeling run-down, getting sick easily, and suffering from mood swings are a few easily-identifiable symptoms we can notice in ourselves when self-care is dwindling. We often are told that self-care practices involve eating well and exercising, and these are definitely a few important pieces of the puzzle. 412 more words