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Why Use a Journal?

Yesterday we talked about ten ways that you can boost your self esteem and the post closed with the suggestion that it would be beneficial to get a journal to record your journey. 278 more words

Fresh Start

Keep going

have you ever felt like you couldn’t carry it all?
the world handed you such a large, tall order
but you’re only so small.

remember when the weights tied to you, 225 more words


The risks of flexibility

“… we live in a world where we constantly have to perform or achieve something –often in a smiley and positive way– and still we presume ourselves to be free, although in reality we voluntarily exploit ourselves until we collapse.” 24 more words


Get What You Pay for?

Everyday potential customers call or just show up at my Auto Repair shop with parts and a story. Today was no different. 5 either called and asked to get a phone diagnostic and provide parts “Just to make it Easier on ME” or brought the part from Major retailers. 439 more words



What weighs you down might not even be yours to carry.

Wise Words

Once awhile, you need a break

Hello, friends…

How are you guys doing? How are you handling with life?

So, I haven’t update much in this blog due to college, fever et cetera. 343 more words

Inside My Brain

Life Update

I have officially reached a new level of stress. Like there is average level of good healthy stress then there is me… on a completely different level looking down at the normal people who think they are so stressful but are actually in la la land enjoying life. 90 more words