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Sleepless Nights- Poetry #23

(Inspired by you to write, I can’t sleep either. My poetry is terrible at the moment. Exams are destroying me.)

I’m not an insomniac
So why can’t I sleep… 117 more words



My Honey’s life has always been much more stressful than mine, whether it was his military career vs. my stay-at-home-mom world, or our most recent jobs working for a library system–he in HR and me as a library manager (“Oh! 111 more words


Demonstrating Egregious Abuse

Prompted by “Michele Leonhart”: http://www.drugwarrant.com/2015/04/michele-leonhart/

“The scandal only demonstrates the obscene level to which the agency considers itself above the law and responsible to no ethical or legal code, while at the same time using violence against citizens to enforce arbitrary laws that they help create.” 1,036 more words


Prayer: For a Clear Mind

God Almighty,
clear my mind as my
thoughts run rampant
in my head. Stress is
getting the better of me.

Help me to keep
focused on You, Lord, 10 more words


Let it go

It was one of those little quarrels. His words were shards of glass and he delivered them with the sole purpose of hurting me. He won. 413 more words

Everyday Stuff

Beat your stress with a simple change every day!!

As a business woman or working mum, you know how you have to juggle with a number of things every day: household, work, kids, husband and parents, and then you want to have your own social life as well: have a drink with a friend, hit the gym a couple of times a week. 831 more words



Yeah, so I probably sound like I just walked out of Catcher in the Rye right now, because I’m just going to whine about people being a bunch of phonies and how it doesn’t make sense. 465 more words