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Reflections on Rippling Water

Chaos is not disorder. Chaos is order so precise and sensitive that the slightest misstep at the start sends us far from where we intended to be. 930 more words


Something about

There’s something about sadness,
that generates deep words.
The moment I am happy,
I can no longer write.

Eating Disorder

Following my own advice 

… And it’s not getting my anywhere! Life is still hitting me with bloody lemons and everything is turning sour.

Ever feel like your entire world is being turned upside down? 347 more words

One Less Problem Maybe

I never realized how difficult we could make our own lives until the other day. It’s a silly story really but one I bet many can identify with. 201 more words


These Days

These days I am struggling.

Some days are just like that when you are grieving, feeling stressed, reconciling terror etc.

In the meantime, I will send you here to hear another voice: 92 more words

The nature of irritation.

I often see in the street scene that puzzles me, that is, it does not give any room for imagination. Young mother is next to her son or daughter of five, six, eight years old. 213 more words


Planning for Destiny

I never really had a knack for planning. It was something I thought I did well and seemingly could never fully grasp. I would watch people wiz past me in the race of life and think “Man, they must really have it all figured out.” For years, I struggled with self-esteem and motivation to do things my heart desired most. 541 more words