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Writing Through It

I’ve been attempting to write my way through this bout of the blues. I’m feeling a teensy bit better today, but I think it’s because my husband has been home for three days. 982 more words

Mental Health

Pressure, Stress And Mental Health

By any chance, have you noticed people around you seem to be dealing with increased pressure? Perhaps too that not only are they experiencing more pressure, it’s coming from multiple sources and rather than being resolved quickly, these pressure linger? 979 more words

Job Search Advice

Our Last Goodbye

You wanted to be free. So go out and do whatever makes you happy, that’s all I ever wanted from you

Saying that makes me realize that things will never change. 89 more words

Self Love


Stress of the eye can keep guard over a Miss Fletcher and one Auricle and half-finished buildings were really fresh ideas, and children hounded to Middlesbrough. 970 more words

Lovely Love

Katheer Ibn Sayfee said:

“Meeting your beloved friends eases stress.”



The Real Shit I Feel Right Now

I’m 3.5 months unemployed and headed into a new year and a new decade with no prospects. 196 more words

Life Update

10 Dec 19. Nembutsu.

I like getting up in the morning. Because of: my family, dog, books, music, gym, food, meditation, running, coffee, guitar and swimming.

I hate getting up in the morning. 346 more words

Meditation Diary