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Yes, I Know Those Are Gray Hairs

Recently I came across an article on Hello Giggles that talked about the possible reason that people get gray hair when they are stressed and it got me thinking about gray hair and the value we put on it. 406 more words

Beauty Standards

An idol is that which you seek for satisfaction, worth or identity, apart from God. #Self-Reliance

Psalm 115:8

Those who make them are like them; So is everyone who trusts in them.
#FoodForThought ~ When’s the last time that bottle of alcohol / habit really satisfied? 26 more words

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The slow road 

Sometimes I get frustrated by how long it is taking me to get my mojo back. I know part of it is impatience, part of it is the fact that that it has seriously been a long, slow road. 340 more words


My tea has gone cold

Hello, hi there, how are you? Good! Me? I’m grand.

It’s ten to two in the morning. I’ve been awake since quarter to 11 after going to bed at 5am, because I am a terrible human being. 210 more words



I like to control the sounds in my environment as much as possible. This is because it’s a stressor for me to be out, particularly in transit. 560 more words



Composure: n. being relatively calm under any intensity of stress

Being calm under ordinary stress is not that hard to do for most humans. It is when the stress is very intense that maintaining composure is difficult for most humans to do. 138 more words

Common Sense

How To Survive Family Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us!

It’s one of my favorite holidays and I am very excited! While I love Thanksgiving I know it can be hard on others. 842 more words

The College Life