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When I could SLEEP!

When did sleep become such a rare commodity? When I got old I suppose!
I remember the days I could sleep until noon. Saturday nights at a night club, Sunday mornings in bed, woken up by the smell of mum’s Sunday roast cooking in the oven. 57 more words

All about ASMR

Have you ever heard about ASMR? Well if you haven’t I will be explaining all about it in a bit. 

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and it is experienced as a static-like feeling or tingling sensation on the back of your head, starting from your scalp down to your shoulders and upper spine area. 266 more words


Stress and Anxiety - is it the new norm?

I know this may seem a bit off topic, but wellness is not just eating everything organic and drinking green juice. You can drink all the green juice in the world but if you’re stressed and anxious and feeling overwhelmed, it won’t do your body as much good as it should. 1,324 more words


MakeUseOf: Good News! 5 Places to Read or Hear Positive and Uplifting News

MakeUseOf: Good News! 5 Places to Read or Hear Positive and Uplifting News. “Turn on the TV, pick up the newspaper, or hop on to social media, and it seems like there is nothing but bad news. 28 more words

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The Second Wave.

I never expected the second wave of grief to be worse than the first. Everyone had been telling me that time was a great healer, yet my experience of time has been both slow and painful. 401 more words

My Life

The Holiday Blues

The holidays are seen as a warm, joyous time of year. Friends and family coming together, big dinners and celebrations, the exchange of gifts, and vacations. 1,063 more words

Tips: Dealing With Perfectionism

You already know if you’re a perfectionist.

It’s likely to be a word you use to describe yourself.

A part of you might enjoy the fact you are a perfectionist, as in many ways it seems to support your success. 188 more words