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Call Me A Jerk

Hello my dear friends,

Today and the previous two days my myoclonic jerks and/or dystonia have been acting up.  Just call me a jerk.

I’ve been so spasmodic that my husband’s face was creased with worry.   481 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

It's Not Enjoyable. It's Not Healthy. It's Not Worth It.

Stress: a word that often appears at the top of a college student’s vocabulary list. We are exhausted, always, as stress and pressure to excel academically is ever-present in our lives. 715 more words

Dallas Baptist University

Expressing Anger the Right Way

Anger is often blamed for all the wrong doing in this world. However, anger is not the problem but how we use it. Yelling and screaming at people because you have made bad choices causing a chain of events leading to a really freaking bad day is not helpful.   1,016 more words


A poem by me

Please don’t ask me to come out, to socialise. Please understand I’ve run out of lies. Every time you ask me I have an excuse. I’m too tired, I’m ill or I have plans are a few I use. 110 more words


Everything is never the moment we choose,
But a chance to fight, to win or to lose.
In the rush of a storm, while resilient and strong, 123 more words


This Week's Goal: Survive

This week is going to be INSANE!

Let me give you a brief glance into my week:

  1. Old nanny’s last day and new nanny starts. First, I’m hoping the old nanny shows up for her last day.
  2. 367 more words

Feelings of Inadequacies

In the last couple of days, several people I know have brought up (separately) the fact that for kids these days there is very much a ‘everyone’s a winner’ culture. 1,139 more words