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Politics and Stress (part 1)

Four weeks ago, I hoped that the election stress was about to go away and that I could avoid writing this series of posts. I admit that I was fairly caught up in the drama of the situation and experienced the stress it created first-hand, as well as second-hand through my clients. 343 more words

Holistic Healing

Early Life Nutrition Builds Brain Resilience To Extreme Stress

According to a new rat study, brain and memory impairment caused by stress during early development can be minimized by supplementation with B vitamins and methionine. 173 more words


Fare Thee Well, Sunshine

I am still in the Sunshine state but my sun is setting out of FL. It hit me today when my family took the first step of selling our bedroom set. 369 more words



I feel kind of nervous about writing this, because this page is linked to my name, and I know if someone looked me up they could see this, but I guess this is what this post is about, in part. 744 more words


why do bad things happen

When you focus all your energy and hopes into one thing, if the outcome if not the one you desire, it’s so very easy to get lost, to lose all hope, to be destroyed in one email, one text, one sentence. 212 more words


the geese are getting fat

Oh, I’m not good at this, am I?

I’ve been busy, and I’ve found it quite stressful. Now, I generally cope well with stress, but ¬†this particular couple of weeks kind of… Wore me down. 278 more words


Stress, Change, Tony Robbins and seeking clarity.

It’s pretty logical (obvious even) that stress can be a good motivator, it never fails to surprise me however just how effective it is at cutting through the fog that often clouds the mind and how it can help to deliver you to some pretty clear conclusions. 864 more words