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Body Image - Do You Love Your Body?

This movie shook me.  It really helped me embrace and love myself more.

The culture of body loathing and body shaming had reached epic proportions worldwide.

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Sensory Blocking

As many others on the spectrum one thing I have long struggled with is my senses. I have hypersensitivity to light, sound, touch, taste, smell and pain. 453 more words

Finding the Time

Do we make the most of our time? How much time is wasted each day? Jesus never wasted a moment, everything he did was intentional, purposeful and carefully directioned. 320 more words


The Sunday Post #8

Happy Sunday, everyone!

So it’s finals week and if I’m being completely honest about it, my brain has been looking a lot like this recently: 289 more words

Sunday Post

Trepidation Visits

We don’t really know. Evidence is still rather vague about eliminating either of the two prevailing possibilities about what is ailing Dezirea. We’ve now had three vet visits in two days, and this morning it seems as though the only progress we are seeing is that she isn’t getting dramatically worse. 264 more words


How to Brighten Up with Your Wonderful Heart Energy 

Your mood is a vital key to good health. Negative emotions damage and age our body, but positive emotions restore, repair and refuel us. Good moods keep us younger, stronger, more vibrant. 608 more words

Self Healing

Not serious Car crash effects..

So much for writing more often.. I’m really sorry.

I had a car accident about a month ago.. Nothing too serious. My car was still drivable, and the other person involved in the accident wasn’t injured either. 183 more words