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30 Second Videos: Qi Gong for Stress Relief

Here is a short video which demonstrates a simple Qi Gong move to help relieve stress.

And, I mean, come on, let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a bit of stress relief these days?

How To Prevent Making Negative Assumptions & Predictions [Tips]

How can you look to prevent making negative assumptions and predictions in our everyday life?

When you make a negative assumption, you are telling yourself something based on your thoughts and that’s often without evidence. 640 more words


Siyap, Bos!

Memilih untuk diri sendiri mungkin tidak begitu sulit , tetapi memilih untuk diri sendiri dan orang lain, tentu bukan perkara gampang, apalagi kalau menyangkut soal nyawa, soal pribadi manusia, soal masa depan yang membayangkannya pun mungkin belum bisa . 215 more words

Daily Reflection

Tips For Coping During the Holiday Season

Guest Blog: Sarah Godfrey – @movingmindsets

Here we are again. So much to do and so little time. The holiday season isn’t called the silly season for no reason. 1,090 more words

Talk Is Cheap: I Wrote A Feature About Avoiding Holiday Stress But Then This Happened...

I have a confession to make. A couple of weeks ago I posted 10 tips for a stress free holiday season. It had all the right ideas, and I truly… 932 more words



Walking the corridors at school I have noticed a recent spike in the number of people using crutches. It seems like it’s the latest fashion, the latest trend. 367 more words


Poetry: "Sedentary"

Call this a reaction to the general mood this month. 90 more words