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Be strong 

As I sat there in the front row of the classroom waiting for the invigilator to walk in. My heart was filled with fear. It was pounding so hard that my hands trembled with each beat. 331 more words


How to make it through the last semesters of school

Sick of school? Bored? Overstressed? Struggling with math, science, English or other subjects? Problem with the teacher? Problem with the students?

There are many ways to lose interest in school. 601 more words


Easing anxiety for that first day of school

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Excited and anxious — typically what students are feeling on the first day of school.

For kindergartners though, walking through the halls that first time, is an experience like no other. 402 more words

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How to Practice Yoga at Home

It might surprise you to know that the majority of people I’ve met in yoga classes don’t have a home practice. They do yoga when they go to class once or twice a week, and not at all in between. 574 more words


That Feeling

How did you feel when you woke up this morning?

Did you wake up in a slump? or did you wake ready to take on the world? 40 more words


Computers, Phones and Keeping in Touch

Life is Flying by…. The Garage is rocking along and the Heat sets in…Windows 7 computers are attacked by Microsoft… Phone breakage….Computer quits when the cable is updated… Roberta has to Stay with Her Mom…Twitter changes the feed and we lose some contact with our Tweeters…Weekend Warrior resumes after a brief respite…Paul goes back to School… Doves are eminent… 228 more words


Panax Ginseng: Stress Buster!

Panax ginseng is a known adaptogen and has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for millennia to help provide balance and the ability to withstand stress. 305 more words