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What Games Are You Playing To Cope With Stress?

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You know what sucks? Everything. This weekend, instead of engaging with the world, I crawled under the covers like an enormous baby and played some puzzle games on my phone. 213 more words


Early nights

I’ve been a little lower than I like to think recently. I guess it’s these winter months. I always find them difficult. The bleakness. The eternal darkness. 129 more words


Only miss the sun when it starts to snow; only know you love him when you let him go

I’m letting him go. I didn’t hear from Michael at all yesterday. Nothing yet today. I sent him a message this morning telling him good luck on his test. 461 more words


Mental Health Monday: tuning out

Some days, I just need to tune out. Light a candle, brew some tea, shut the world out.

I had a hard time letting go when I was younger. 134 more words


My Top 15 Favorite Positive Affirmations.

Today, I’d like to share with you a list of my favorite positive affirmations. Most of the time, I’m at work when I need to use these, so I tend to think them to myself rather than saying them out loud. 326 more words

Self Improvement

Everyday Mindfulness

How do I find time to be mindful on a daily basis?  The better question is “Do I find time for mindfulness everyday?”. The realistic answer to this is probably no. 730 more words

Baby step #1 - Eating should not be a social event (Habit #1)

I was having dinner and as I chewed my baby lettuce, it struck me. This diet is going to be life changing! I need to take things one day at a time, yes my long term goal of weightloss is on my mind but when I step on that scale and have alittle bit more weight, I can’t kill myself.  268 more words