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Anxious,Depressed,& Afraid

Today I am painfully remembering my school years & court dates…from ages ago. Its a sunny day,a decent day,but all those ugly days are haunting me. 193 more words

01.22.2018 - Faith Over Fear

God bestows a great awareness upon us- usually through a crisis, difficulty, or a general sense of being lost.
I called my dad Friday night with no intention of the conversation going where it ultimately went. 440 more words



Here I am. I’ve just finished studying for the day and I’m just sitting here, thinking about the future haha. Do you guys also think about life/the future as soon as it’s nighttime? 132 more words

Big Task Ahead !

I’m done with my roomates. The who’s not on lease and squatting here i’m done with him for real now. I tried getting things back to normal but these people are beyond having talk. 253 more words


Its Been A Good Day

It was 67 & partly sunny. He paid the internet bill without raging. The Acura RL is running again. It has an improved battery. We ate lunch at KFC. 101 more words


Dear God, I am here today, because I am an idiot...

Well at least that is what I have felt like for the past few days. I fell for the scam, the cheater, the liar, and I realized too late in the process. 262 more words