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Big Noyd - Usual Suspect (Stretch Armstrong Remix)

Vi fortsätter på skryttemat med en låt från ännu en vinyl som är på väg till mitt brevinkast. Jag lyssnar mestadels på svensk hiphop och inte så mycket amerikansk, men jag är alltid svag för… 67 more words

In The Staircase

Stretch, Bobbito and the decline of Hip Hop radio...


They always say hip-hop doesn’t live on the radio, but that wasn’t always a true statement. In it’s younger, and arguably better days, hip-hop was very much on the airwaves. 707 more words

Music News

The Usual Suspects

Live, from the FML newsroom:

Cincinnati’s missing rum supply—and ruthenium tetroxide—have been confiscated from the Lindbourg residence.

Two minors are in custody.

Diligent FBI surveillance and Hazmat’s quick response are credited for circumventing the inception of a humanoid…

7 more words
Flash Fiction

Deal Breakers

When it comes to men, there are only two thought processes that flow through my mind, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. The more yesses a man scores, the better chance the guy has of me being interested, but a single no and I will never be attracted to you, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t. 532 more words


Stretch Armstrong and his Elastic pals

Stretch Armstrong was a toy figure made of plastic, rubber and gel and was designed to expand from its ‘prone’ pose of around fifteen inches up to a full-stretch of around four or five feet. 130 more words

Retro Adverts

Listen To Music Industry Vets Tell NPR 'Eight Million Stories' About How Real Rap Was In 1993

Microphone Check‘s Eight Million Stories: Hip-Hop In 1993 will be the best way to waste 50 minutes today. And that’s coming from someone who typically can’t endure podcasts and such. 462 more words


Fantasy football thoughts

BREAKING NEWS: Thanks to his Dark12h8 team, Jim is sitting in a dark corner, crying. This means his team either lost to my team lastw week, or Jim misplaced his beloved vintage Stretch Armstrong doll. 436 more words