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Stretch & Bobbito (Live Event)

If you’re cruising or walking around the NYC area, check out the return of Stretch & Kool Bob Love down at the Meatpacking District (pause)…

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Meaning behind some of the words and sayings from the Stretch & Bobbito show (Video)

‘Hoppo’. ‘Honolulu’. ‘Bananas’. ‘A taste of cadbury’. *’89 Tek 9′. Only if you were a loyal listener of the Stretch & Bobbito 90’s radio show… 18 more words


The Speed Limit of Life

“A woman’s greatest enemy is fatigue, a man’s his ego.” – one of the little pieces of advice my mom gave me growing up.  And oh how true! 810 more words


21 Years Ago Today, Big L and Jay Z Shut it Down on the Stretch and Bobbito Show

It’s February 23rd, 1995: the Stretch & Bobbito show was at the height of its cult following among those who knew what was really up, hip-hop’s golden era was in the midst of its second act, and two then barely known young and hungry emcees by the names of Big L and Jay Z are on the iconic radio show, on the precipice of what is about to be one of the most iconic freestyle sessions in hip-hop music history. 614 more words

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Classic toys - back to the future

At the club there is nothing that we love more than design that endures. Whether it is the Jensen we have in our garage or an Arne Jacobson table, we think when something is properly designed it’s worth celebrating. 276 more words

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Netflix Teaming Up With Hasbro To Make Stretch Armstrong Series

Netflix has ordered 26 episodes of this new series that is going to be directed towards children. The show’s release date in 2017, and will focus on a teenager named Jake Armstrong. 72 more words