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Four Girls

Look at these dogs. After Nia and stretch class once a month we go out for coffee at Peets near the community center. This guy walked up with four German Shepherds. 74 more words

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Day Two Of Your Daily Ten Minute Practice

On Thursdays I teach Nia at 9:00 am, then at 10:15 am I teach a stretch class, so I will probably be doing my Daily 10 Minute Practice… 42 more words


Happy New Year - 2017

So, Happy New Year, huh?  Yeah!  Let’s just make it a good year.  There is always going to be stuff going on that we can focus on to make it a “bad” year, but let’s not focus on that.  329 more words

Nia Class

Death, Again!

So, I have not posted a few times when I normally would have.  I was really going to make a huge effort to post on all my self-imposed scheduled days this month.  482 more words


Where You Sit

I always thought it was sitz boneS, but Wiki says it is sitz boneZ.  I will probably continue to call them sitz bones.  Or get really fancy and call them by the correct name: ischial tuberosity.  496 more words


Pan Fried Gnocchi

When I get home at noon on Wednesday it seems like the day goes by really quick.  I am working on my Nia routine for class the next day.  437 more words

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