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I'm Not Amused Either. "Dot, dot, dot"

Things happen for a reason. For the last fourteen years I’ve been praying to God asking him, “Why is this happening to me?” How come no matter what I do, they keep winning?- Lawyer or no lawyer! 375 more words

Constitutional Law

The bifurcated Asian American response to Fisher II: controversy goes on

Last month, the author explored how Asian Americans view affirmative action policies.  As the Supreme Court prepares to hear Fisher II, this issue reappeared to the author personally in her role as a student leader. 1,209 more words

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I will not be diminished by the state of Georgia to her mere “biological” mother. I’m her MOTHER- and she only has one. To the rogue states of Virginia and Georgia, your unconstitutional grandparents’ “rights”statutes, repugnant to the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, does not change this. 16 more words

Constitutional Law

No, The Gay Marriage Case has Nothing to do with Guns

Fox News commentator Allen West (a non-lawyer) wrote an article recently saying that since the Supreme Court gay marriage case says this must be applied over the entire country, then clearly it has set a precedent to allow for “conceal and carry” in all states. 657 more words


Connecticut Is Not Indiana

Last week Indiana enacted a controversial law that many believe is intended to allow individuals, particularly for-profit business owners, to discriminate against persons who identify as… 872 more words

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You Can Carry A Concealed Gun In Florida But It Better Be Concealed.

The movement to establish open carry of guns as a constitutional right, an offshoot of the Constitutional Carry movement and particularly active in Texas, took a big hit this past week in the gunshine state when the Florida 4th District Court of Appeals took up the case of Norman vs. 616 more words


The Gun Guys Win An Important Court Case - But I'm Not Sure Anyone Loses.

In what could turn out to be the most important legal decision since the SCOTUS affirmed private gun ownership as a Constitutional right in 2008, a Federal District Judge in Texas, Reed O’Connor, has just… 650 more words