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33, The “police power” refers to, a. The federal government’s ability to police state action; b. The

a. The federal government’s ability to police state action; b. 261 more words

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Fisher, Affirmative Action, and the Meaning of Scrutiny

In his dissent to Fisher v. University of Texas (2016), Justice Alito wrote that the majority’s position was “remarkable—and remarkably wrong.” Indeed, the majority’s holding not only departed from the relevant precedents—including… 902 more words

United States

... DePaul university has a Serious Problem [#political chalking]...

.. they are in very deep doo – doo , folks ..

.. why ? if you allow chalkings for other issues , but ban political chalking , that is a very big no -no . 62 more words

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Gun rights advocates react with anger to the recent Missouri Supreme Court decision holding that nonviolent felons are prohibited from possession of firearms

Astonishment and anger was the reaction of gun rights advocates to the recent Missouri Supreme Court decision in the Clay case, which upheld a Missouri statute that prohibited nonviolent felons from possessing firearms. 1,083 more words

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I'm Not Amused Either. "Dot, dot, dot"

Things happen for a reason. For the last fourteen years I’ve been praying to God asking him, “Why is this happening to me?” How come no matter what I do, they keep winning?- Lawyer or no lawyer! 375 more words

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The bifurcated Asian American response to Fisher II: controversy goes on

Last month, the author explored how Asian Americans view affirmative action policies.  As the Supreme Court prepares to hear Fisher II, this issue reappeared to the author personally in her role as a student leader. 1,209 more words

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I will not be diminished by the state of Georgia to her mere “biological” mother. I’m her MOTHER- and she only has one. To the rogue states of Virginia and Georgia, your unconstitutional grandparents’ “rights”statutes, repugnant to the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution, does not change this. 16 more words

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