Smooth Sunday - A Spellbinding Birthday Treat!

Today is my birthday and today I’ve been opening presents, enjoying being spoilt rotten and I’ve officially hit the age that our couples all aspire to reach on every performance. 198 more words


Strictly Support Group - A Happy Days Chat!

Today has been International Happiness Day! Strictly is a programme that makes us feel happy, warm and fuzzy inside. In fact, these two routines from Strictly Come Dancing 2014 sum up just how we feel watching Strictly, very Happy! 361 more words


Foxtrot Friday - A Ray Of Sunshine For You This International Day of Happiness!

It’s International Day of Happiness today, so we’re celebrating in the way we know best, by watching some of our favourite ever Strictly moments. There are very very few moments on Strictly that don’t make us smile (Craig being harsh to our couples and the dreaded Elimination being the only two we can think of) but of all the dances to make us feel happiest, the Foxtrot has to be the smiliest dance which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 222 more words


The People's Strictly - A final interview with the lovely @philkidz

*pulls a shocked face* We can hardly believe that it’s been one week since The People’s Strictly and we’re all suffering a little bit with the Post-Strictly Blues. 617 more words


🍀 Your St. Patrick's Day Strictly Fixes! 🍀

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, so we wish all our Irish followers a great day and hope you enjoy celebrating. Now, we wouldn’t be the Strictly Support Group if we didn’t treat you to a daily dose of something strictlified! 196 more words


The new addition to the Strictly family was truly inspirational.

I couldn’t allow the week to draw to a close without paying tribute to the wonderful finale of The People’s Strictly on Wednesday night. This offshoot of the Strictly Come Dancing franchise followed the fortunes of six real-life heroes and heroines, who spent several weeks receiving the Strictly treatment. 296 more words


The People's Strictly - A Q&A with the wonderful Anna Kennedy (@annakennedy1)

It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and as a daughter I can honestly say that mothers are amazing and inspirational. They do so much for their children and one of The People’s Strictly contestants was no exception. 613 more words