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Keep R2-D2 Out Of Sports - A Human Error Story

MLB commish Rob Manfred on computers calling balls and strikes https://t.co/ykq6v5yqBN

— Dan Patrick Show (@dpshow) March 23, 2016

Here’s the thing – technology and progression is good for sports.

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Umpires: Compassionate or Bayesian?

Fascinating article over at Baseball Prospectus by Guy Molyneux about umpires and how they call a strike zone. All of us have noticed that strike zones vary by pitch count. 600 more words


A Strike Zone Change Would Hurt Baseball

When Major League Baseball first proposed the idea of instant replay to help get the majority of calls correct each season in baseball games around the country, I was all for it. 513 more words


MLB Studying Raise Of Strike Zone's Bottom

RONALD BLUM, AP Baseball Writer

NEW YORK (AP) — Baseball’s strike zone could be getting a slight lift.

Major League Baseball is studying whether to raise the bottom of the strike zone from the hollow beneath the kneecap back to the top of the kneecap. 955 more words



Automated Strike Zone Baseball

In case you missed it, a computer was used recently to call balls and strikes in a minor league baseball game. The… 939 more words

No hits for you

Giants pitcher Chris Heston pitched the first no hitter of 2015 last night. He struck out the last batter looking with an absolute cockshot on the outside corner (and no that word has nothing to do with what you think it might). 238 more words


Negotiating the Strike Zone During a Major League Baseball Game

Baseball is a game of brilliant and beautiful contrasts. People who don’t understand the game describe it as slow when in fact there is so much going on between one pitch and the next that it takes careful concentration and undivided attention to keep track of what just happened and how it is going to affect what is about to happen. 1,461 more words