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More beans than you can shake a stick at

Over the past few weeks, warmish temperatures and a steady dose of rain have helped our beans — bush beans, pole beans, and string beans — proliferate like mad! 588 more words


Glimpses of Summer in the Mountains

Beautiful blossoms are attracting the butterflies and bees.

The other day, I noticed this tree blooming.  The blossom is like a bristly feather fan.

We have got quite a stand of mullein growing out of an old pile of coal at camp. 93 more words


Old-fashioned String Beans with Bacon Recipe

String Beans with Bacon (and onions) are delicious, and they are quick and easy to make. This hundred-year-old recipe brings back vague memories of string bean dishes from my childhood. 170 more words


Grandma's Saucy 'Snap' Beans

When I was growing up in Richmond, Virginia, my grandmother always called green beans “snaps,” short for snap beans. 210 more words


Recipe: Mixed Veggies

So, my nephew paid me a visit last week, when I say “visit” it meant I need to babysit him for the day. But I really don’t mind taking care of that little menace. 303 more words


RAW RECIPE: Papaya Noodles With Green Beans and Mustard Sauce

Papaya meat is my favorite color in the whole world so it’s no surprise that I love them! Currants soaked in apple cider vinegar give bite to this elegant, deep orange dish. 383 more words

Going Raw