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Courgette Crisis Pasta (77p)

Based on a recipe from Jack Monroe’s cookingonabootstrap.com.

Back to Jack. Had a go at Jack’s Creamy Greek cheese and courgette pasta. One problem, not a single courgette in the shops due to floods and bad weather in southern Europe. 415 more words

£0.51 To £1.00

Jacket potato 

It’s Friday and it’s jacket potato day! ;) Chef Nico’s creation of jacket potato loaded with sausage, mushroom, string beans, yogurt and cheddar cheese

The PERFECT String Beans!

Being away from home makes me long for my mom’s wonderful cooking, especially her delicious sautéed string beans. They are soft, but crunchy, and have just a tad bit of charred flavor that elevates her entire dish; and when she adds ground meat, it tastes even better! 323 more words


Daily Dinner Picture: Meat and Fries

Hi all,

I always feel like I haven’t had dinner without some type of meat.

Here you have crinkle fries, string beans, carrots, and of course, oven-cooked pork. 22 more words

Truffled Green Beans

If you want to instantly elevate any dish, add truffles! They give a earthy deliciousness to otherwise plain green beans… a perfect side for any meal! 84 more words


Brother Jimmy's BBQ

Hello, welcome to my place of work! I eat Brother Jimmy’s food way too often, at least 3 times a week. I’m sick of it all honestly. 66 more words