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Daily Dinner Picture: Meat and Fries

Hi all,

I always feel like I haven’t had dinner without some type of meat.

Here you have crinkle fries, string beans, carrots, and of course, oven-cooked pork. 22 more words

Truffled Green Beans

If you want to instantly elevate any dish, add truffles! They give a earthy deliciousness to otherwise plain green beans… a perfect side for any meal! 84 more words


Brother Jimmy's BBQ

Hello, welcome to my place of work! I eat Brother Jimmy’s food way too often, at least 3 times a week. I’m sick of it all honestly. 66 more words


Kindergarten bento - Go green! (15/Nov/16)

Menu: Simmered sword fish, Sautéed spinach & bacon, Boiled string beans, Boiled cabbage & daikon, Boiled egg, Rice with goma-konbu

Kiwi and banana for dessert

Japanese 日本食

Pasta Galberto.

Probably everyone can itemize a couple of dishes each corresponding to a certain phase in life. To me, the food that is reminiscent of long-gone student life, for instance, would be one particular pasta dish served at the bistro across the faculty building. 368 more words


“Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves, We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”

Sunday has always been the quietest day of the week for me. When I was young, it was the hang around the house day except when the whole family went to the beach or to the city to visit with my grandparents. 278 more words


Tempeh piccata.

Since a week or so, morning air is damp, frosty and foggy, and leaves are also abundantly turning colour. Autumn is officially here now, so no need to think up excuses for preparing simple, sturdy meals anymore. 548 more words