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Us - Regina Spektor

I discovered Regina Spektor in 2009 through the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack, which is one of my favorite movies (and) soundtracks. Two of Regina’s songs feature on this brilliant soundtrack and it took me a while to pick the one I want to write about. 158 more words

We Gather Together

The Dutch folk song, We Gather Together has been arranged for several different string ensembles. The viola quartet version was commissioned for Steven Moore’s Viola Festival last November.  28 more words


The Devil Went Down to Georgia for String Quartet

I have a new arrangement of  The Devil Went Down to Georgia for String Quartet. This often requested piece features the first violin on the fiddle passages. 18 more words

Sheet Music

The Lonely

The Lonely

This is a piece of music that I created using Musescore 2. This isn’t an advertisement or anything. I just thought that people might be curious about what software I use that’s all. 135 more words


Christmas Tree Waltz for String Quartet

The Christmas Tree Waltz by Vladimir Rebikov has been arranged for string quartet. This advanced quartet is a charming addition to winter recitals and winter holiday events.


…how strange the change from major to minor

Apart from it being a rather useful (trite but it works?) internal rhyme, Cole Porter wasn’t exactly wrong about the deep emotional effect of the juxtaposition of majors and minors; it’s just that it’s a bit more complicated than that. 249 more words


Borodin String Quartet no. 1 in A

performed by the Borodin String Quartet (who else?) or below by the Moscow String Quartet

Borodin was a rebel.

The Mighty Handful of Russian composers were dedicated to producing distinctly  923 more words