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Silken strands entwined,
A silent singing web that snares,
And may enfold a story so,
The sound one cannot hear but feel,
A siren song that all should dread to feel, 112 more words


Aztecs win ugly, look much better in alternate realities

Science, religion and philosophy contemplate the nature of our universe. Whether dogmatic or pragmatic, wherever you the reader fall on the spectrum of What is reality… 646 more words

Game Recap

Through the Gates of the Silver Key: Chapter III, Umr at-Tawil and the Application of String Theory

 Umr at-Tawil by Kingovrats (www.deivantart.com)

In “Through the Gates of the Silver Key,” written by H.P. Lovecraft and E. Hoffmann Price, Randolph Carter used the Silver Key to unlock the “First Gate” and subsequently traveled through our linear time and adjacent Universes. 976 more words

H.P. Lovecraft

no purpose to my premonitions, i think.

i recently wrote about some premonitions i have experienced. i’ve had one more since then, and dana also experienced the same thing too — a very specific thought popping into his mind out of nowhere, fixating on it for no good apparent reason, and then coming across that specific thing shortly after. 369 more words

feng shui heart (Calabi Yau variety)

Fractal RTDG HeCA Calabi Yau manifold project (String theory).

Fractal RTDG n-dimensional enlargement is technology that I developed !!

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Feng Shui Painting

Simply Sock Clinic Part II - Sharp Row Heel & Turn aka Big Bang Theory

Math Word Problem

Question 1—25% of grade

Six ladies were knitting in a sock workshop. They all were about to learn how to do the heel. 688 more words