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A Study of Time Delay from Different Time Zones

Netta Engelhardt (University of California, Santa Barbara) and Sebastian Fischetti (Imperial College) gave us an insight into their communication methods whilst collaborating for their research paper recently published in CQG. 752 more words


Beyond the Standard Model

After the discovery of a Higgs boson, all the particles included in the SM have been experimentally observed. Despite its extraordinary phenomenological success, the SM is considered an incomplete theory.  1,276 more words


Countless Universes and Critical Horses: Two Anecdotes about Alexander

Aelian, 2.3 and 4.28

(I know I have been painting this site with an Aelian brush, but these two anecdotes are too precious).

2.3: “When Alexander gazed at a likeness of himself in Ephesus painted by Apelles, he didn’t praise it to the worth of its craftsmanship. 95 more words


String Theory

Subatomic particles described as one-dimensional vibrating strings. Wikipedia


Yarn-cake winder step three 

This is where I was at the end of the day today: a set of three gears that fit inside one another, more or less, a body or frame that supports the gears, and a set of holes drilled that will eventually hold the pivots for the gears, and the mechanism for the yarn-cake winder. 1,107 more words

Art And Design

The Standard Model

​The Standard Model …

bygone kisses

hungry breaths







all just

a couple

of particles


me and you

as we model… 18 more words

Scribbled Verse

Supporting Evidence of M-Theory on the Nature of the Multiverse in Lovecraft's "The Statement of Randolph Carter

                     Warren meets his Doom by Frohickey (www.deviantart.com)

When Harley Warren entered the under-ground crypt in that forgot graveyard in the Big Cypress Swamp, he discovered something that cost him his life.  1,071 more words