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Vibrational Energy

Everything in the Universe is composed of energy vibrating at certain frequencies. Your body. The subatomic particles that make up the atoms, molecules, and cells that compose your body. 1,238 more words

Quantum Physics

David Gross Admits String Theory is in Trouble | Not Even Wrong

The latest issue of New Scientist has an article entitled Nobel Laureate Admits String Theory is in Trouble. It describes remarks by David Gross at the recent Solvay conference in Brussels, mentioned… 1,968 more words


Is String Theory Science? 

A debate between physicists and philosophers could redefine the scientific method and our understanding of the universe. 992 more words


Alternate Realities (2015)

(AKA, Flashes)

The life of a successful young architect, John Rotit, is falling apart all around him because of the disturbing flashes he keeps having that send him to two other existences:  one where he is a drug addicted and burnt out rock star and another so terrible he won’t tell anyone about it.   134 more words

Movie Reviews

What's in a Conjecture? An ER=EPR Example

A few weeks back, Caltech’s Institute of Quantum Information and Matter released a short film titled Quantum is Calling. It’s the second in what looks like will become a series of pieces featuring Hollywood actors popularizing ideas in physics. 1,062 more words

Theoretical Physics

The End 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Xi Function

I have today another request from gaurish, who’s also been good enough to give me requests for ‘Y’ and ‘Z’. I apologize for coming to this a day late. 1,179 more words


Prospects in Mathematics, 2

I didn’t say anything about my own talk at the Prospects in Mathematics meeting. But soon afterwards I was re-reading Lee Smolin’s 2006 book The Trouble with Physics… 987 more words