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Secrets of Monsters that know how to Hide!

Black holes as I had discussed in my last blog are not only the most majestically weird carnivores out there, but are also the monsters with dark secrets. 1,427 more words


String Theory Strikes a Chord

Comments and reviews are treasured by authors. My short story, “String Theory” was spotlighted as Mystery Weekly Magazine’s free story of the week on the 9th and is included in their November edition. 27 more words


The No Man's Sky Universe is a Bunch of Math Formulas

No Man’s Sky is an upcoming adventure survival video game developed and published by the indie British studio Hello Games. It’s being touted as “a science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy.” 115 more words

Tech In The News

Scientific Debate - String Theory

Physicists as well as other scientists have been studying our wonderfully complex universe.  Progress has been made towards finding answers to questions such as “What is the world made of?”  String theory is an attempt to answer this question.  548 more words


Review of Brandt Legg's Cosega Sequence Series

The author of the Cosega Sequence Series, Brandt Legg, has lived a life that could be the subject of a first rate thriller in its own right. Read More

Book Review

Quine, Science and the Demarcation Problem

Quine writes right in the beginning of Word and Object: “Scientific neologism is itself just linguistic evolution gone self conscious, as science is self-conscious common sense.” That are great words. 350 more words


Original Thought of the Day

Recently, while recovering from pneumonia, I viewed an interesting interview with a physicist in regards to time travel . In the interview this scientist described time as an inter-dimensional interaction, where many different dimensions interwove and the points where these intersections occurred were the points where time travel was possible. 230 more words