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Nanowrimo Day 1

I was 2 when Kennedy was assassinated. Did I sense the country’s overwhelming grief and fear? Did it stick to my tiny ribs and embed itself inside a pocket of my little brain? 24 more words


String Theory - part 8: Hidden Dimensions

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In his Special and General theories of Relativity Einstein resolved two of the three main conflicts in physics. And his theories radically changed our understanding of the Universe. 7,342 more words

String Theory

Fun with Homology

There is a theorem (currently being attributed to Wikipedia, but I’m sure I can do better given more time) which states that

All closed surfaces can be produced by gluing the sides of some polygon and all even-sided polygons (2n-gons) can be glued to make different manifolds. 139 more words


Book of the Month: Dark Matter

My September Book of the Month selection was enjoyable enough to read, but ultimately a disappointment.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Jason Dessen is a family man, a brilliant physicist who chose domestic bliss over career success a decade and a half before we meet him. 367 more words

The Quantum Breach

Observed reality is based on our perception of space and time, the words “observed” and “perception” has significance attached to it. Reality is stated to be observed as it’s subject to interpretation by our brain, for instance the reality observed by a snake is significantly different from the reality observed by human beings. 1,333 more words


How the Dreamworld could be connected to the Afterlife

I have written in the Responsive Universe how dreams and the afterlife could be connected. It is a theory I think about a lot. I thought we could explore this idea more – 818 more words