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What's the Matter ?

Matter, as we know it isn’t a very historical hypothesis . It has been merely a fraction of our time as a dominant species on earth when we started to ask questions like what is the most fundamental unit of matter. 297 more words


Having problems understanding people? Try the String theory of interaction

When my Grade 1 son’s teacher was transferred, we expected the replacement to be quite the same as the one transferred: nice, amiable and child-friendly.  To our dismay, the new teacher was neither. 889 more words

Family And Life

Alternate Universes.

I wonder in an alternate universe, would I be fat, skinny, taller or shorter? Smarter, dumber, in love with some one or just breaking up? Perhaps I love coffee more than I do, or maybe I don’t. 882 more words


More Travel

I’m visiting the Niels Bohr Institute this week, on my way back from Amplitudes.

Amplitudes itself was nice. There weren’t any surprising new developments, but a lot of little “aha” moments when one of the speakers explained something I’d heard vague rumors about. 1,374 more words

Theoretical Physics

String Theory Pt. 1

We live our everyday lives not knowing anything about the universe. Not knowing the possibilities of the future. There are very few people who understand these types of theories. 1,056 more words


Geeky Song of the Day July 12: Cosmogony by Bjork

Watch “Cosmogony” here

We’ve never been to sure whether Bjork is completely crazy or just a misunderstood genius, but one thing is for certain, she always comes up with something out of the ordinary! 94 more words

#3 Nambu-Goto action

Given a -dimensional manifold with a metric , a string is a one-dimensional object moving inside . The Nambu-Goto action describes the dynamics of these objects. 210 more words