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Physics in modern culture: more thoughts on the String Theory debate


It seems that every mathematician or physicist out there, whether they are working in string theory or not, has an opinion about the subject of string theory. 1,534 more words


String Theory – A Multiverse Possibility

According to Einstein, our universe is not flat. It is actually a kind of sphere and looks flat by illusion. Galaxies, stars and us are on the surface of this gigantic bubble. 161 more words


A brilliant read for the scientifically attracted mind. This book is full of scientific models and theories, but all of them are explained brilliantly, making this book truly blend into the ‘normal’ reading market. 128 more words

Book Review

String Theory - part 10: Quantum Geometry

In around a decade Einstein single-handedly smashed Newton’s views on gravity which had been dominant in physics for a few centuries. By doing so he presented to the world a completely new and a very in-depth theory of gravity. 6,485 more words

String Theory

4th meeting – Intro to String Theory (23/10/17)

During the 4th meeting, Ivano Basile presented an introduction to String Theory. The aim was to give a brief overview to various aspects of the field, focusing on the ones relevant to Physics. 65 more words

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Astrologer’s scarf

It’s a rainy and unpleasant day here in the valley. I finally got tired of being tired, and got out my knitting. It’s been a while since I was able to work on a project. 259 more words

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