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Review - The Gods of Sagittarius by Eric Flint and Mike Resnick

Rating: 6.1 (out of 10)

The most recent iterations of Lovecraft revivalism have mostly been grounded in reshaping the “Lovecraftian” tale itself, by explicitly providing a new context for Lovecraft’s much discussed racism (The Ballad of Black Tom, Lovecraft Country) and misogyny (The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe), or by creating a meta-narrative about the Cthulhu Mythos itself (Carter & Lovecraft, I Am Providence). 269 more words

The Crazy Notions of a Super Genius

(Close to) 50 years after the death of Albert Einstein, I was hunched over my computer looking for a way to pass time, when I decided to acknowledge… 642 more words


A VR classroom is still a classroom

Still wearing his headset, Greene opens up the floor for questions. One student, from Denmark, asks, “How does it feel to be teaching in the next step of education?” As Greene answers—about how it’s so wonderful that people from around the globe can gather and share complex ideas like this—a student flings a virtual tesseract at the teacher’s head.

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An Amplitudes Flurry

Now that we’re finally done with flurries of snow here in Canada, in the last week arXiv has been hit with a flurry of amplitudes… 662 more words

Theoretical Physics

The Science of Altruism

Take a listen to this NPR segment on a very intriguing but disturbing topic, child psychopaths. This interview with Barbara Bradley Hagerty breaks down how this behavior manifests itself in children. 738 more words