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William Lane Craig and atheist Daniel Dennett discuss cosmology and fine-tuning

Here is audio of a very interesting exchange between William Lane Craig and leading atheist Daniel Dennett.

This audio records a part of the Greer-Heard debate in 2007, between prominent atheist Daniel Dennett and lame theistic evolutionist Alister McGrath. 683 more words


Get Into the Vibes!

We live in a 3 dimensional world, although we have discovered that there are at least 10 dimensions existing. String theory explains how the unseen vibration of the universe effects matter. 181 more words

Art Of Thinking

There is Science in the Catskills Too!

Physicist Brian Greene, known for his research on string theory, will be speaking at the Andes Roundtable this Wednesday, July 22 at 7:00 pm. The event is hosted at the Hunting Tavern, a historic landmark building in Andes, New York. 159 more words

The Catskills

String Theory

Alice Bailey wrote her groundbreaking work on the Seven Cosmic

Rays of different coloured light decades ago. Quantum scientists have discovered that there are three speeds of Light and the closer you get to the Galactic Centre, the Black Hole at the centre of the Galaxy the faster light travels. 113 more words

Book review: Hyperspace

Hyperspace is a book by Michio Kaku, the co founder of string field theory. It is about the extra dimensional aspect of string theory and how more complex quantum and relativity theories break down in certain situations, which can only be solved by… 671 more words

Even more baby booties!!

If there’s one thing I knit more than any other, it has to be baby booties (I think baby hats are a close second). A lot of friends and family–us included–have been having kids recently. 93 more words


DC Movies, String Theory, Parallel Worlds, and You

Ezra Miller confirmed on MTV News that he will indeed play Barry Allen and The Flash in 2018’s film.  This troubles some because the CW already has a very successful, much loved television show of the same name starring the same character played by Grant Gustin. 382 more words