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Always B positive, hopeful in Life.
Keep Thinking- You can achieve what you desired for.
For any negative, shout in mind “cancel ! cancel! cancel! closing eyes. 279 more words

String Theory - part 7: Supersymmetry

After the expedition of Sir Arthur Eddington had confirmed the prediction of General Relativity about the deviation of starlight’s straight path due to the gravitational pull of the Sun, one of Einstein’s students asked him how he would react if the prediction weren’t confirmed. 6,074 more words

String Theory

Perturbed? You're not the only one

It started with the Babylonians.  The Greeks abhorred the notion.  The Egyptians and Romans couldn’t have gotten along without it. Only 1600 years later did Newton gave final polishing to … The Method of Successive Approximations. 687 more words


Strings are probably one of the most important pieces that I like to concentrate on, they are perhaps the most intricate part of the instrument, you can have a good box instrument, without the right tools, the music will sound muddy, some artists like the muddy sound which is fine in some circumstances, but for the majority of musicians, the string is perhaps, vital part to the sound.   213 more words

Exploring the Possibility of Time Travel

by Paige Harriss AP Physics 1 student

“A civilized man…can go up against gravitation in a balloon, and why should he not hope that ultimately he may be able to stop or accelerate his drift along the Time-Dimension, or even turn about and travel the other way?” H.G. 1,096 more words