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Economics inside the Matrix

                       “What is real? How do you define real?”

                                            – Morpheus, The Matrix

This week will be a quantum leap for Bengaluru , to which physicists from all over the world will gravitate. 712 more words

Articles On Economics

Rachael Dolezal, the Emmanuel AME Church Shooting, and Racism

Less than 48 hours ago a white supremacist, racist piece of shit individual sat in a church for an hour, right beside one of the men he would later kill. 898 more words


The Origin of The Cosmos - Does only ONE universe exist or There are Many of Them?


Ever since the day we came to life, the world already told us that Earth is the only planet capable of holding life, that our Earth revolves around the Sun, and so as the other planets, making up our Solar Sytstem. 2,592 more words


String Theory - part 2: Special Relativity - the Picture of Space and Time

Solving the First Conflict

110 years ago, in June 1905, Albert Einstein, a young person from a Swiss bureau, sent a paper titled “Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper… 4,513 more words

String Theory

28 days ++

Remember in the olden days when they said 28 days is easy? That is for not drinking. People are asking, at least, when i mention i don’t drink. 164 more words


Did NBC's "Hannibal" reference Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series?!








This could be overeager nerd eisigesis, but something jumped out at me immediately in the second episode of this summer’s “Hannibal.” 419 more words

Murphy All The Way

Some of what you’re about to read is actual science, and some is actually just me. You may decide for yourselves, if it even matters in the least. 691 more words