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Fisici italiani che fanno la storia della Fisica: GABRIELE VENEZIANO, alle origini della STRING THEORY (1968)

Gabriele Veneziano (Firenze, 7 settembre 1942) è un fisico italiano, noto per l’introduzione in fisica delle particelle di una nuova grandezza denominata ampiezza di Veneziano.

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The Afterlife -- Where Is Heaven?

This is where Panentheism and the Body Metaphor falls apart.

If God is the “mind” and the universe is His “body,” where (or what?) is Heaven? 753 more words


From Quanta: "Moonshine Master Toys With String Theory"

Quanta Magazine

August 4, 2016
Natalie Wolchover

The physicist-mathematician Miranda Cheng is working to harness a mysterious connection between string theory, algebra and number theory. 2,529 more words

Basic Research

Clock: Time and Space

Time and space are not real. Both are illusions created within our minds to trick us from seeing what is real, or from experiencing enlightenment as a whole, which our minds do in order to deal with the confusion of the higher level of consciousness our brains are capable of but which we cannot comprehend in our current state of consciousness. 411 more words

Higher Consciousness

Before God created man...

…He did a whole bunch of really cool things.

For instance, did you know that He made day and night before the sun and moon? And before the planets were doing their spinning and rotating stuff that we believe gives us day and night. 499 more words

Type III Errors: Another Way to Be Wrong

I talk a lot about ways to be wrong on this blog, and most of them are pretty recognizable logical fallacies or statistical issues. For example, I’ve previously… 585 more words

Statistical Tricks Or Treats