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Amplitudes 2016

I’m at Amplitudes this week, in Stockholm.

Last year, I wrote a post giving a tour of the field. If I had to write it again this year most of the categories would be the same, but the achievements listed would advance in loops and legs, more complicated theories and more insight. 108 more words

Theoretical Physics

Notes on "Euclid's Window" by Leonard Mlodinow - Final Part

Page 240 Reading about quantum mechanics I swear I’m reading dialog from a Star Trek episode.

Page 242 “Without venturing into the philosophy of science, there is something about the phrase ‘fundamental theory’ which seems to imply that dozens of researchers should not be making their livings measuring its nineteen ‘fundamental’ parameters to accuracies of seven decimal places.” What? 604 more words


Today's math teacher is....Donald Duck!

Magnificent Disney work on awareness through math and the string theory


Did this scientist just prove God exists?

As one of the most brilliant scientists, Michio Kaku has decided to dive into a world that many of his peers haven’t. He is using physics and string theory to help prove the existence of a mathematical creator. 50 more words


A Second Course in String Theory

I’ve been lucky enough to have funding from SEPnet to create a new lecture course recently, following on from David Tong’s famous Part III course… 98 more words


Bad Hair Days, Extreme Zeal, and Everything Else String Theory Now Helps Me Explain

I’ve often wondered why my hair is so crazy. Now I know. It isn’t because I buy cheap shampoo or rarely look in the mirror to fix it. 218 more words


How Science Proves There is a God

I run the official timer during swim meets at work. Normally this job is really exciting as I get to have a front row seat to swimmers qualifying for the Olympic Trails. 1,266 more words