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We come from dreams - one variation

You have seen the name of this blog ~ We Come from Dreams. I wouldn’t blame anyone for thinking that I’m being poetic, or lyrical, or indulging in colorful metaphor. 902 more words

Theory And Practice

GUTs vs ToEs: What Are We Unifying Here?

“Grand Unified Theory” and “Theory of Everything” may sound like meaningless grandiose titles, but they mean very different things.

In particular, Grand Unified Theory, or… 906 more words

Theoretical Physics

String Theory and the Multiverse-Do we share our universe?

A very nicely written paper concerning the possibility of our universe as a multiverse, as well as a nice brief overview of multiverse theory and why it came to be following the introduction of string theory. 165 more words

Science News

How beautiful this time as if in a dream if I did not live the piece of time. - ما هو فكري ومعتقدي ...متى اخلد الى النوم وانا غير خائف ...

 I never thought of writing something of Hadid. Some year ago I went to Rome for Campo Baeza exhibition shows and visit Maxxi.

The feeling on the interior space has been: are lost in space and go with the flow in the directionI want; suspended time or best time combined with space. 514 more words


Extra Dimensional Excitation

I was so excited when I got the news. CERN confirmed with 99.92% certainty that the LHC has discovered “extra dimensions”. By “extra dimensions”, I mean spatial dimensions (not counting time) other than the regular 3 dimensions (length, depth and height). 568 more words


String Theory- The Music of the Universe

String Theory is a theory, that brings with it, possibilities of a unified theory, a theory, that could unite all of the fundamental forces known to us, and describe them all, by a single equation. 3,364 more words

Imagining other dimensions

Yesterday I wrote about the perception of our (third) dimension compared to a two-dimensional world. So today, I wanted to continue by looking into the other dimensions that the  467 more words