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What is the difference between StringBuilder and StringBuffer classes.

Both the StringBuffer and StringBuilder classes are used to create mutable strings. But StringBuffer are synchronized, which means that only one task is allowed to execute the methods. 212 more words


Java: StringBuilder Class & Examples

Java StringBuilder is used to create a mutable String object. It’s introduced in JDK 1.5. It’s similar to StringBuffer class the only difference is non-synchronized and no thread-safe… 628 more words


Mutable and Immutable Objects

Mutable and Immutable words definition in English dictionary is “can change” and “cannot change” respectively. A mutable object can be changed after it’s created and an immutable object can’t.For example in java , 204 more words

Reverse words of string without using inbuilt methods like string Split

Problem is to reverse the string but keep the words same without using any inbuilt string methods.

Input: “I Am A Dotnet Developer”

Output: ” Developer Dotnet A Am I” 226 more words


What is the difference between String, String Buffer and String Builder

String is an immutable object and The object created as a String is stored in the Constant String Pool.Every immutable object in Java is thread safe , that implies String is also thread safe . 133 more words


Object's Equals method demystified

SBerry is back with little of her understanding in Equals method

Learn with SBerry

Object class provides public virtual bool Equals( Object obj). This method provides default equality comparison for all types irrespective of whether it is value type or reference type and it is inherited by default by every class. 672 more words

.Net C#

Immutable types in C#

Ever sat in a meeting with a bunch of devs and suddenly you hear the words ‘immutable type’ and your head explodes because what the heck is that? 218 more words