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Magic Money Trees: a Conservation Order

Google ‘magic money trees’. Avoid Googling them – they’ll still sprout. There’s an Amazon forest of them. Did we always plant and nurture so many? 967 more words


The Wire Season 4: Marlo Stanfield, Baltimore's serial killer

The genius of the character of Marlo Stanfield is that a textless, bold-colored headband came to feel too flashy.

He opened without one, an intro so perfect yet under the radar because the scene is about Bubbles, not this unnamed, previously unknown character whose first appearance departing a building is teamed with the sound of a bird chirping, as if Marlo is a hawk fledging from his nest and preparing to hunt the people of Baltimore like squirrels. 710 more words

The Wire

A Love Letter to The Wire

As someone who has watched movies and television for a long time, I should be inclined to tell you that I probably am an expert at understanding the art and brilliance of film and to a certain extent, television as well. 1,640 more words