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All the Rankings Matter

On March 9, 2008, The Wire, arguably, yet also generally considered, the greatest television series ever, closed out it’s fifth and final season. The show’s last leg of it’s five season run was uneven, driven by two story lines that felt both kind of forced (the focus on the media) and just plain wrong (McNulty’s fictional serial killer angle.) But when it really mattered  2,223 more words


Six Things Stringer Bell From "The Wire" Could Have Taught Michael Flynn

Stringer Bell (played by Idris Elba) was the 2nd in Command of Avon Barksdale’s criminal organization in the fictional TV series, “The Wire.” Unquestionably one of the top-five television series of all time. 628 more words

The Wee-Bey reaction GIF is 15 years old

“She wasn’t no cop, man. She looked like one of Orlando’s hoes.”

That quote right there — that was the first ever “Wee-Bey reaction GIF.” You know the one even if you don’t know its source. 1,139 more words

The Wire

Magic Money Trees: a Conservation Order

Google ‘magic money trees’. Avoid Googling them – they’ll still sprout. There’s an Amazon forest of them. Did we always plant and nurture so many? 967 more words