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Know Your Strings Challenge!

I take on the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! OK, well, not ultimate, but it was pretty hard… Here are links to all the videos we used:


Java Program to reverse the first and third word of the string and reverse the letters of middle string

Let us suppose user enters the string as “Quality Assurance Engineer” then we want to print the  output as Engineer ecncrussA Quality


Coming up soon in these next couple of months, we’ll be recording the epic Fantasy for Oboe/English Horn Soloist and Chamber Orchestra, “Intrepid“! It will be an amazing compliment to the Leviathan E-Violin Concerto on the upcoming album!…

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Peabody Peled Cello Gang to Collaborate With Fairfax Symphony Orchestra

The Peabody Peled Cello Gang will be collaborating with the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra next season. They will spend a long weekend in Fairfax County going into public schools, giving cello lessons, and performing a gala for the symphony on May 31, 2019.


Igor Yuzefovich to Lead BBC Symphony

Igor Yuzefovich (BM ’02, GPD ’04, Violin) has been named the new joint leader of the BBC Symphony. He will continue as concertmaster of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra as well until March 2019, after which he will relinquish his position with the SSO.