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Important Parenting Information For Raising Children In Las Vegas...Which I Learned From Watching CSI: Las Vegas On Netflix Over The Weekend.

Just some simple tips on raising kids in Sin City….

Do not leave your daughters unattended in Las Vegas they will most likely end up working in a Strip Club. 308 more words


Top Reasons Internet Porn is Better than Strip Clubs

  1. Norton Internet Security clears viruses without embarrassing antibiotic pick-ups
  2. Keyboard drawers provide a physical-stop preventing over extension of the elbow
  3. “No Touching” rule holds no jurisdiction within my WiFi network…
  4. 80 more words

An Open Letter to Strip Club Patrons

I recently got into a quickly escalated arguversation- a conversation that wasn’t really an argument perse, but something I was ready to throw down for immediately- about strip clubs.   1,249 more words


It's More Than The Birds & The Bees.

Raising a young girl I feel a huge responsibility to educate her on what it means to be a woman, and most importantly to have confidence and good self-esteem about her body and her femininity. 694 more words

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Brisbane stripclub B confidential

Brisbane stripclub in spring hill with fine dining ,hot girls,extensive bar range tucked away from the hustle of brisbane city and the valley. Open for lunch and dinner see the website for more information.


Strip Clubs? No thanks!

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine on an interesting topic. Strip clubs. Every time I hear that name I can’t help but to scrunch up my nose in disapproval. 218 more words



One of the first things I started to learn in the strip club industry is that a lot of dancers have “boyfriends”. Being that I was an innocent little sheep surrounded by a pack of wolves, it took one of my girls telling me that “boyfriend” in this industry usually means pimp. 2,221 more words

Gentlemen's Club