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Male and female strippers: the naked truth

“Take it off, take it alllll off!”

In the past, strip clubs were a lot like smoking pot in college: something that existed behind closed doors, but definitely not an ideal conversation topic at Sunday brunch with your mom. 891 more words

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I think starting from the very beginning of how this strip club lifestyle came to fruition is the best way to tell my story.

I guess I’ll start with the fact that my best friend is a stripper, and I mean best friend on this entire planet. 2,174 more words


13 Men Justify Why It’s Okay To Go To Strip Clubs, Even Though They Have Girlfriends

1. “My girlfriend gets tired of having sex with me. She won’t admit it. But it’s true, particularly after a long day of work. My urges, though, never subside. 1,299 more words

When you get into a debate with the guy you're seeing

about strip clubs, and you take the stance that they’re demeaning to and promote the objectification of women, and then he stops talking to you. Except when he breaks his silence out of the blue to tell you to… 25 more words


What is this addiction of mine to strip clubs & brothels?

What is this addiction of mine to strip clubs & brothels? I think it’s because it is an outsider’s world, and it was the first time in my life I ever found a place where I felt comfortable. 137 more words

Here's Jerry Rice Enjoying Future's 'Commas' In Its Natural Habitat, The Strip Club

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You haven’t really experienced Future’s music until you’ve heard it while surrounded by strippers and money flying in the air. Jerry Rice learned this firsthand last weekend when he was in Lake Tahoe for a golf tournament. 109 more words


Best Bars and Clubs in Los Angeles

The drastic way with which clubs and bars are becoming relevant to the development of a community is at alarming rate and extra-ordinary. Though club activity is not new at all but its potentials in creating jobs and incomes is exceeding the speculation of financial analyzers. 354 more words

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