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Paris Fashion Week Inspiration

Some time a go I shared with you my Swedish Fashion Week inspiration ( don’t saw it , check it out here  here ), and because of Paris Fashion Week ( 30 September to 7 October) I like to show you my PFW inspired outfit. 142 more words


Outfit | 70s Stripes / Canadian Tux

 | jeans jacket VINTAGE | shirt C&A | mom jeans H&M | rucksack SHEIN | boots H&M |


Ich liebe den 70er Trend immer mehr. 142 more words


Farewell to a Summer Dress

I found this summer dress in Moda, on the Asian side of Istanbul, when I was lost, searching for my friend’s apartment.

I pulled it off of the hanger at a small boutique and fell in love with its soft cotton blend, vibrant stripes, length and form-fitting look. 194 more words

Selfish Sewing Week - Day #5 - Monochrome Batwing Top

Hello Sewcialists,

Last night I was int he verge of giving up sewing for this challenge and then in a heartbeat everything changed and I made myself a beautiful black and white striped top. 60 more words

Sewing Projects

Day 5 - A Case of the Mondays

So this whole weekend was great. So much fun. But of course, so much fun packed into a weekend, leaves you with a hardcore case of the Mondays when it comes time to head into work. 233 more words


Max Summit 2015: 패션/뷰티 모바일을 만나다. / 모바일 커머스의 미래

  • BYBOX 패션 큐레이팅 서비스
    셀럽들이 패션을 큐레이팅하여 합리적인 가격에 판매하는 서비스.”본인들의 경쟁력은?
    합리적인 딜을 제안하고 셀럽들과 공급자가 협업하여 새로운 모델을 제공하는 것.
  • STRIPES 방문하는 맞춤셔츠
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Weekend Projects

Happy Monday, crafters!

I had a busy crafting weekend. I went yarn shopping on Saturday (yay!) and spend the rest of the day consumed by chores and charity events. 174 more words