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UNCENSORED VIDEO: Zimbabwean woman not bothered after being stripped in public for wearing a mini skirt

Now this is new….

You’ll expect most women  who’re subjected to the trending outrage of being stripped by mobs for their questionable dressing to be angry if not traumatized but not this Zimbabwean lady. 202 more words


Woman strips off her clothes to avoid arrest

But a ruck kicked off when police tried to arrest Sying and he began … Onlooker Liang Yao, 25, said: "It was hilarious, bizarre and disturbing all at the …



"Mom, put down your phone!"

What you are about to read is just something that has been on my heart to share for quite some time and I figured I would put it out there before it ate me alive. 992 more words



Coincidences are life’s way of showing us a sign, a reminder that we are on the way. Always stay open with wonder and awe and life’s magic will be shown to us in so many ways we ever thought possible. 94 more words


Fully Restored 1957 Nilus Leclerc 45" 'Mira' Loom

What started as this two weeks ago…

…finished like this today…

My Top 5 Forgotten Albums

I think this is the first music related post I have written in a while! I normally tend to veer away from music themed posts as they are really not my forte, but while listening to Spotify the other day, an idea sprung to mind and I couldn’t help but throw this post together. 488 more words


Ed Sheeran Covers Christina Aguilera's "Dirrty"

While Christina Aguilera is busy impersonating your faves, Ed Sheeran is giving BBC Radio 1 the “Dirrty” treatment with a cover of the iconic song. 73 more words

Christina Aguilera