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Notes on Tamagotchi Screws

I keep collecting information I’d rather not forget, then forgetting to write it down!


  • Vintage Tamagotchi take #0 JIS screwdrivers. Phillips are a different shape from JIS, and will eventually strip the screw.
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Radiation blasts stripped life on most Earth-like planets

Most of Earth-like planets could have been rendered uninhabitable by massive radiation blasts, new research has found.Regularly occurring every few hundred days, the superflares are approximately 10 times more powerful than those ever recorded on the Sun. 6 more words


Capsule November: look #7

Occasion: work.

Weather: after the storm – and I mean it in an ambiguous way. Storm Barney is done battering the British Isles, but tough conditions remain in Paris, so I wanted something French to help me restore my faith in liberté, égalité, fraternité. 177 more words

Better 2015

Stripped of All Ritual

We would play such wondrous games as infants,

Make-believe amusements, they prepared us for

A world that was, unfortunately, never to be,

So we invented more cruel versions to entertain, 129 more words



Yesterday I posted a new video where I hit record, talked for 10 minutes, and then hit the off button. No editing. No background music. Just me, you, and a camera. 275 more words