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Morning Minute: 'Donald Trump & The Porn Star'

1/19/18- We found out this week that Donald Trump paid a stripper $130,000 to keep quiet about their rendezvous with each other before the 2016 election. 87 more words

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Born to tease, but taught to please

Finally, I was able to get into The Epiphany, grabbed quite a lot of things, including this bunny lingerie set from Dead Dollz. 53 more words

Crying On The Job

I didn’t know any of the “dancer rules” like…don’t dance to another girls’ song on stage or “don’t step on any other girls’ toes” when I first started dancing. 909 more words


When it all started

My career as an exotic dancer began when I was the ripe of of 16. I was already out in this world trying to be grown. 309 more words

Crying Over Spilled Cocaine

I never realize the situation I put myself in until I get home alone and reflect on my actions and where I’m going to do for the day. 572 more words

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Inside Scoop: Dating Inside The Strip Club

When I first started dancing, I had no idea that the girls actually would take pride in dating the managers, DJs, bouncers, etc.

At my first club, I hooked up with the DJ. 624 more words


Period Talk

Don’t we all just love shark week? The week we would rather just crawl up into a ball with our heating pad, some chocolate and sleep the week away. 837 more words