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New Membership

This week’s Erotic Bite is the story of a couple who has enjoyed what life had in store for them, but have started to become bored with each other. 5,776 more words


My Persona

My first night was interesting. After acquainting myself with the backstage area with the wooden lockers and glitter stained carpet, I buddied up to the DJ and watched other girls twirl their hair or stomp around in their platforms of out boredom. 909 more words


I always laugh in the Ciné ABC at the signs saying optimistically “New films every Wednesday!”

I always laugh in the Ciné ABC, at the signs saying optimistically “New films every Wednesday!” Well, yes, new in the sense that they are different from what was on the day before, but not strictly “new” when they are all from the 1970s! 172 more words

Drunken secrets

Getting drunk is a common occurrence. Like everything else, it is a uniquely unique thing. Some people can drink for hours and maintain a semblance of control; others can go wild with one drink. 1,447 more words


The Club

I worked at a skank-a-licious strip club a few years ago, to pay the bills & earn some extra spending money. Not at all a high-top classy facility. 424 more words



A town with nothing to do at night.

Dark road, dark woods, dark stores and houses.


Inside it’s dim, empty, 152 more words