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It turns out that this Stroke is a gift that keeps on giving…  Nearly a year on and I am still finding new ways that it has changed my body. 585 more words


Pereidolia: Do you see that face in the clouds?

Death resided in one of the three latex glove boxes on the wall  just inside the door to my ICU room.

I called him Hannity. 374 more words

Stroke Survivor

One Year Out

The thing about anniversaries is that some anniversaries are really good and celebratory and involve cake and stuff and some anniversaries are bad and make your heart hurt and your stomach fall and encourage you to crawl under the covers for the entirety of the day. 1,266 more words


May is American Stroke Month

Do you know the signs of stroke?  If you’re like most Americans, you may not.  A recent study by the American Stroke Association/Ad Council found that only 8 percent of those surveyed could identify each letter in F.A.S.T., an acronym of the most common stroke warning signs. 322 more words



On the 15th May 2014 my life took a dramatic turn. One year on, I’ve decided to start a blog to share my experiences with others, oh and anything else that’s on my mind. 444 more words


“Why don’t you talk normal?”

My grandson Arthur asked me today, “Why don’t you talk normal?”

I didn’t take as a personal affront because he’s only four. So I explained to him that I’d had a brain attack and so I couldn’t speak properly. 135 more words

Stroke Survivor

Bapak Mengganti Tangan dan Kakiku yang Lumpuh

Tanggal Terbit : 14 April 2013 | Jumlah Cetak : 250 lembar | Desain Sampul : Novie R. Hermansyah