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Unexpected changes........

I will begin with the good news…….Ryley is doing much better! The bad news is that after 145 days, the hopeful & promising seizure free streak ended early Saturday morning. 828 more words

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What are our bodies Telling us about our Energy Level

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Testimonial time

Let’s ask ourselves, what are our bodies trying to tell us about our energy levels.
Are we tired all the time, are we getting enough rest or are we running off of a hope and a prayer that we don’t crash. 197 more words

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What are Our Bodies Trying To Tell Us.

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What are our bodies trying to tell us about our weight?

For me I have never been very small in size. 496 more words

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What Are Our Bodies Trying To Tell Us about the Food We Consume?

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What are our Body telling us about the foods we put in our bodies.
It might take a lifetime to hear correctly what our bodies are saying about certain foods we love, that is not the right fit for us. 247 more words

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Grief, Religion & Anti-Depressants

The last 6 months I have often heard myself referring to the loss and grief I have felt, as Ryley’s mom. I also see the reaction from others when I speak of it, and it’s often met with an awkward look and body language of sympathy and disbelief. 1,595 more words

Pediatric Strokes

What is Your Body Trying To Tell You?

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Testimonial Time

Potential threats to the body!
Have you ever wonder when and how a health issue started. Like was there a warning sign you ignored or something. 211 more words

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Tiger Pride weekend

Since starting this blog last week, I have been rolling around  “what” I would share, and honestly, since the last post….I have been anticipating this update. 1,248 more words

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