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The day my life changed.

Five months ago, at the age of 41 years old, I suffered a stroke. We don’t know the exact cause of my stroke. It’s complicated because I have a heart pacemaker, which prevents a more detailed assessment of the insult to the brain from being undertaken, but the stroke has affected the left side of my body. 670 more words

What Having a Stroke Meant To My Life-An Interview With My Husband

Riding a Harley is probably one of the most important things in my husband’s life. It helps to ground him and as anyone knows who has ridden one, it gives you a sense of freedom like you can get nowhere else. 980 more words

Thoughts About Life

The Creep

Warning signs proliferated. I chose not to look too closely.

For the first two years of my post-stroke life, I focused on getting rid of the cane and becoming independently mobile, doing things like carrying a cup of coffee from the kitchen to my chair by the living room window. 180 more words

Stroke Survivor

What are we thinking?

Good Morning Ladies & Gentleman

Testimonial Time

As I track my own thinking, I cant help but to think about how I have transformed my thinking over the years, early on, before I changed the way I was thinking, I had always thought sad and vile thoughts, and still to this day I have to be conscious of what I am thinking. 787 more words


Weak Ankles and Memory Loss

    Stroke brain is becoming a really irritating issue.  I’m not sure if I have memory loss or what type of memory issues I have but whatever it is (stroke brain is all I can come up with), it’s really getting in my way. 981 more words


In the nick of time

Its been so long since I’ve been here, feeling full of fear and here I am. Planning a trip to Dallas, scheduling MRI’s, finding hotels, and doing it all alone, right on Christmas week. 721 more words

My Life With AVM

Hard work pays off-Today was a good day as a stroke survivor

Its been a while since ive updated my blog.
More so it hasnt been just a good day as we near closer to the end of 2015 i would say its been a good but tough year! 206 more words