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Who are YOU Running For?

It was hot! As I stepped out of my truck and onto my friends rocky, gravely driveway parking lot, I was already hot, even though it was early in the morning. 1,752 more words


What It Feels Like To Have a Stroke at 41

EVERYONE has a story, and I am SO excited to share this story with you today.  Let me introduce you to my friend Kate. She is an amazing mother (our sons are close friends), a talented photographer, and a very creative spirit.  

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Voodoo in the Twilight Zone

 I celebrate the completion of even the most mundane task, especially when I manage to accomplish something in the most efficient, most logical manner. However, this orderly approach is rare. 291 more words

Stroke Survivor

" 'You will dance again..' rang in my ears! It was a challenge I thought impossible." - Len Boser, Stroke Survivor

Written by Len Boser.

Fifteen years ago, I woke up to find the course of my life had changed forever. The day before, I was a physically active, healthy person leading the normal life of a father of two young sons, 7 and 10 years old. 207 more words


The BEST big brother

My oldest brother Tim turned 45 this past Saturday. When I wrote his age on my calendar, I wrote it as “45?” and that made my 13-year-old daughter ask me why I did that. 471 more words


Stacy Gupton-Artist

Stacy Gupton, a local Laramie, Wyoming artist was commissioned to Wyoming AgrAbility to do information posters highlighting the abilities those with disabilities still have.

Stacy is an artist, college graduate, sister, friend, and stroke survivor. 31 more words


Laramie Stroke Support Group

This is a guest post by Mona Gupton. She has personal, firsthand experience dealing with the aftermath of stroke; caring for and being a supporter of a stroke survivor. 504 more words

Health Observances