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Apparently, I Hide It Well


    I’ve had physical disabilities for over 5.5 years now.  I think it’s obvious: I hobble and limp, swing my arm like a chimp, am lopsided…the list goes on.   1,299 more words


Life Will Happen again

Life will happen while life is still happening, meaning while you are in the mist of a storm, here comes another storm and the previous storm hasn’t even past yet. 624 more words


Being Healthy Minded

Being Healthy Minded,

Hello There, I will be the first to admit, with all the happy thoughts we can muster up and think about, we will definitely face adversity, Please, ask me how do I know.

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Vic's Addiction

I experienced some extremely comforting drugs in Neuro-ICU after surgery.

Dilaudid is a derivative of morphine. I distinctly recall asking for more of that. “Can you give me some more of that “D” stuff?” I couldn’t remember the name, but the sensation of sinking into a cloud of cotton  wowed and numbed me, which after days, or hours, or minutes, or even seconds, of struggling in my hallucinatory battles is right where I wanted to be. 111 more words

Stroke Survivor


“Mama is that lady drunk?”

The girl didn’t ask out loud, her wide eyes and worried brow said it for her.

It’s 9:00am on a sunny Tuesday. 225 more words

Stroke Survivor

3 Reasons To Trade In Bitterness For Betterness And Why.

Pain and rejection are two of the hardest unpleasant feelings to manage. Because we have no way of erasing the past memories of a tragic experience, we often keep going back reliving the very thing that upset our lives. 933 more words


Where do you Live? Are you living your choice?

Are you Living in your choice? The Present, Past or the Future
Hello, I’m writing you, to remind you, how living in your choice can benefit you and everyone around you. 551 more words