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The Door Frame

I look up the sky and I still can’t figure out why I have not come to a breaking point yet. With all the tough feats I feel I have faced, I asked God, what else was next. 755 more words

My Life With AVM

No Habla Espanol. Really.

My husband, Jack and I often seek out tiny taquerias. We love to walk into a restaurant to find little or no English on the menu and no Anglos seated at tables. 276 more words

Stroke Survivor

Internal Debates & a PSA

ALOT has been going on since my last blog…..obviously, since I haven’t had the time to sit and type it all out till now.

As I am sitting here trying to recall all my thoughts and emotions and events we have been through, and it’s a jumbled chaotic mess. 2,500 more words

Pediatric Strokes

the speaker.

“A life changing event can cause a chain reaction of choices that makes you become a person of interest. Lets talk about how a car wreck happens, the surrounding cars will begin to slow and if you notice, the individuals inside those vehicles will become entranced with the events unfolding with the wreckage or the life surrounding that individual. 1,085 more words

My Life With AVM

Taking Control Of Fear and Condemnation / Putting Them Where They Belong

Testimonial Time

Good Morning Ladies

Fear, and condemnation would toture my feelings to the point I couldn’t sleep. It had me stuck and unable to move forward, in many areas of my life. 276 more words


Unexpected changes........

I will begin with the good news…….Ryley is doing much better! The bad news is that after 145 days, the hopeful & promising seizure free streak ended early Saturday morning. 828 more words

Pediatric Strokes

What are our bodies Telling us about our Energy Level

Good Morning Ladies & Gentleman

Testimonial time

Let’s ask ourselves, what are our bodies trying to tell us about our energy levels.
Are we tired all the time, are we getting enough rest or are we running off of a hope and a prayer that we don’t crash. 197 more words