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Laramie Stroke Support Group

This is a guest post by Mona Gupton. She has personal, firsthand experience dealing with the aftermath of stroke; caring for and being a supporter of a stroke survivor. 504 more words

Health Observances

The Deadzone

4 1/2 years post stroke, some friends and I were discussing floorplans, we had just toured a home where the front door opened directly into the living room. 156 more words

Stroke Survivor

My stroke story.

So, I decided to write a blog about my stroke recovery.  It was a challenge to talk about for a while, but now I’m starting to cope.   1,038 more words

My Stroke

What is My Reason To Celebrate?

I was told to go where i am celebrated, to go where people love to see you coming, and don’t want to see you leave, as i ponder on who wants to see me coming and who don’t want to see me leave. 191 more words


Alive means the Odds are Still in Your Favor

I just got real fucking grateful.
cw:little bit of language, sick parent

For those of y’all that don’t know. My mom was really sick when I was in high school. 567 more words

Dean Parris

1 day to go

1 day left of being referred to as Miss, no I’m not getting married and becoming Mrs but it will be the end of my teaching practice. 219 more words


Hello and Welcome

I’m not sure how you’ve ended up here, but then again how did I get here?

I’ve never really committed to a blog before, in the past I’ve had a few tumblrs where I’d mainly reblog pictures alongside the occasional post of my own. 97 more words