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What is Your Body Trying To Tell You?

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen
Testimonial Time

Potential threats to the body!
Have you ever wonder when and how a health issue started. Like was there a warning sign you ignored or something. 211 more words

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But Survived

Good Late Evening World….. I Stand (sitting though) Before you Tonight…a 5″3 weighing in at 175 lbs black Woman of African Descent, I am Well aware that my “Life is not my Own” 199 more words

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Sometimes, I catch myself charging through the day like a one-armed Wonder Woman.

Except, I sort of forget about the one-armed part. And the stroke= easily exhausted part. 273 more words

Stroke Survivor

Life Will Happend at the most Inconveint Times

Good Morning Ladies & Gentlemen

Testimony Time

Life will happen at the most inconvenient times.

Life can be extremely stressful, this thing called life can happened at any giving moment. 277 more words

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Grounded with Good Friends and Tough Questions

When you live with Suicidal thoughts, you live in a secret world.  One of the best things about getting older is caring a bit less about being judged.  747 more words

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Eight Years, Ago Today It Happened

Eight years ago today it happened, July 24, 2007, the day my life changed forever.
Never thought there would be a day I could talk about it without crying, now I can write about it without getting emotional or asking God why me. 532 more words

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Stroke Survivor

Looking at Me Can anyone tell I had a subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) brain bleed. Yes a brain stroke. One of the worst kind to have, majority of its victims don’t survive and those of us that do make it, are back to a normal life with minor disabilities, then there is me struck in the middle, still recovering after 8 years.

Stroke Survivor