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Ivanka Trump Strokes Donald Trump's Face In Creepy Throwback Pic

W. T. F.

Donald Trump has said some pretty inappropriate things about his oldest daughter, Ivanka, but this photo takes the cake.
This throwback image of dad and daughter from a 1996 Vanity Fair article is all over the internet, and it has us looking away almost immediately.

For the Health of It: Have a Heart

Throughout the month of January, we observed National Staying Healthy Month. If you are still holding fast to your healthy lifestyle goals as we enter the second month of 2016, HOORAY for you and congratulations! 172 more words


I. Can't. Girl.

I. Can’t. Girl.

That’s an absolute fact. I don’t doll up myself up everytime I go out. I opt for comfort and by comfort, I mean my trusty pair of sneaks, jeans, and a simple shirt would do.

370 more words

the words we seek

What would you most like people to say to you?

“You did a great job there”
“Thank you for your support, I really value it” 147 more words

Transactional Analysis: How to Stop Playing Games

Like I said, I did further reading on transactional analysis.

Under regular circumstances, I would be doing a book review on the book I read, but unfortunately this book I read was in Japanese and I’m not sure how much good an English book review was going to be. 1,098 more words


My Funniest Moment Ever Was In The Hospital

I’m not making fun of people who have strokes, TIAs or any other form of cardiovascular or neurological events.  My mother was invalided for years and years from serious strokes. 371 more words


Working with Particle Brushes...


Do you remember my telling you that I was afraid to experiment in Painter 2015, because I would never exit the program?  Anyway, that’s just what happened!  568 more words