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"Demo Tapes" by the Previous Engagements - Review

Feel not ashamed if you don’t know what the Previous Engagements are — in fact they come from my old home town of Hollister, CA. A combo inspired by the Strokes and the less good tail end of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ career, they are comprised of singer/guitarist Nick Burchard, bassist Liam Miller, and drummer Jon Chase. 1,166 more words


having met a number of sad people recently 

Once upon a time

I taught people how to hug.

Hugs are life savers


Born and Bred

The queen wants to have you

But you are mine and we are miners

She wants to serve you oats

But you delight in virgin honey… 190 more words


We survived our Cross-country Family Road-trip

Redlands, CA, USA

Dear friends,

Well, we lived to tell about our coast-to-coast furlough tour. We took our babies on a van ride through 22 states of the Union, visiting family, supporters and churches. 681 more words

Greater Stroke Risk for Generation X than Baby Boomers

The stroke rate has more than doubled in Generation X’ers over the past 20 years, new study reports. Obesity and diabetes likely cause of a reversal in a downward trend in stroke occurrence. 59 more words