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Alberti's Sexy Stromboli

Alberti’s Sexy Stromboli

This is a fantastic recipe, stromboli is a bit like a rolled-up pizza. Making stromboli is very easy and a great way to get your kids in the kitchen and cook together as a family and help make a fun and delicious meal. 320 more words


Arriverderci Sicilia

It was my last day…

In spite of not sleeping much (the piazza & everybody else seemed to party until very much after 4 am & quite a few ambulances were needed according to the noise), I was awake soon after 5:30… I lay talking to God & tied to sleep again, but to no avail… 300 more words


No rest...for the traveller

I had second-guessed myself on when to leave Stromboli & move to Catania…but alas in the end, the wrong decision…

Three very long, nauseating & diesel-fumed hours on the ferry in a cramped seat…visiting, but only seeing slices of Panarea, Lipari, Salina & finally Vulcano… 269 more words



I woke up at 6:00…open the door & looked out on a sea as calm as a lake…the sun already burning down…I’d had a rough night on a very narrow single bed…it felt I was in a dream…I went back to sleep…not having the motivation to get dressed & go take photos… 466 more words


Stromboli...My Way!

I am by no means Italian. I may have some distant ancestor who was Italian in my family history, but I was not raised Italian. I adore Italian food though! 246 more words

Fireman's Raceway Pub 9104 Crawfordsville Road.

This joint is a first for us.  The food is cooked to order, but with pre- made product. They use a frozen crust and a ready-made sauce for the pizza. 327 more words


Kissing the flames – climbing Stromboli Vulcano.

The boat rocketed gently. The wind died completely and all our efforts to catch the remains of it into our sails were pointless. We had to turn the engine on in order to make any progress. 971 more words