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Spinach Stromboli + Warm Salad Dinner

When I was younger I used to love when my mom said we were going to order in pizza for dinner. It was the best night after a long, miserable day at school I got to come home and have some comfort food. 434 more words


Aeolian Islands Sail

The rain was falling gently on the pavement outside when my alarm sounded at five a.m. on Thursday. As I scurried the several blocks to my car it began in earnest, so by the time I ducked into my little Fiat 500 I was soaked. 690 more words

Ramona Lisa Pizza 

Recently I had an outstanding stromboli from Ramona Lisa Pizza. It was markedly better than previous versions I’ve had under prior ownership. Made with pepperoni, ham, salami, bell pepper, mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce for only $10.99. 80 more words



Hello back!

Sage und schreibe vier Monate sind ohne einen Blogbeitrag vergangen. Dass ich in der Zwischenzeit kaum geschrieben habe, liegt daran, dass viele Veränderungen anstanden und ich keine Muße gefunden habe, mich zum Schreiben hinzusetzen. 281 more words


Ham & Pepperoni Stromboli

This is something I make a lot on weeknights. It literally takes 5 minutes of prep, and my family devours it! I also like to throw this together to take to get-togethers. 215 more words