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Pizza Stromboli

I had a recipe for ham Stromboli, but when I went to look in the fridge, my ham was gone and the turkey eaten. So, I made a quick trip to the store and bought pepperoni and ham slices. 265 more words


Spoonful, Forkful, or Knife-ful | Ristorante Bigoli

“Try some.”

Well, I would’ve. Too bad Arby didn’t know if it had pork in it. Neither did I. And I wasn’t risking it. So I politely declined. 554 more words


Virtual Volcano Vacation #10 - WINNER & a new title!

Once again, Leslie has managed to find me even when I was trying to get myself lost. Maps and mapping technology, be it Google-Earth or old-skool map and compass, fascinate me. 714 more words

Stromboli - a night on the volcano

For four days, I had been calling Magmatrek each morning to inquire if they would run an excursion to the top of Stromboli the next day. 1,450 more words


A Week of Working With What We've Got

I’ve been on the road and away from home since Thursday. Between the traveling, the awful weather that dumped inches upon inches of snow in exactly the places I was driving, living out of other people’s houses for almost a week, and trying to cook and bake on the fly, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of adaptability. 778 more words



Oh how I so badly wanted to love you!! I, just like many others, had been edging to get my hands on this foundation. After many trial and errors from getting tested at the  587 more words