Tags » Strong Female Role

Penny for your..life. CH5 (short story series)

It is much darker in the alley than I thought it would be. It forces me to slow my pursuit for safety’s sake. I really don’t want to face plant into the side of a dumpster. 1,089 more words


Walking into Danger - Ch4 (short story series)

“So is that why you came by the pizza place tonight? To eat?, Or did you have another reason?” I kind of feel like I’m interrogating the man but I figure it’s better to know where I stand now rather than later and get my hopes up. 1,168 more words


See a Penny...Don't Pick it Up- Ch3 (Short story series)

Work drags on and I find myself watching the door. Logically I know it’s ridiculous. Gerard didn’t seem the type for Wednesday pizza night. But a girl can dream. 1,650 more words


See a Penny..Return Wallet- CH2 (short story series)

Last night replays in my head more than once. I am convinced I would do nothing differently. Even the man’s mother was hard pressed to come up with something nice to say. 1,231 more words


Karma is Electric - Ch1 (Violent story w/rough language)

I, Pennelope Redlin, killed a man.

It wasn’t on purpose but I wish that it had been. That I could have made it last. A slow, lingering, painful death. 1,277 more words


First light (Part 2- read the other 1/2 first)

I waited.

I waited at the window, wearing my black lace cocktail dress. I sat on the porch reading. I waited more.

At ten I finally conceded, he wasn’t coming. 2,601 more words