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Strongman - Why I think it's the most entertaining sport

I don’t know exactly why I find abnormally sized people lifting excessively heavy things, or dragging gargantuan weights or carrying odd looking yokes (it is actually called a yoke) fascinating but for some odd reason I and many other people do. 407 more words


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives,nor the most intelligent that survives.It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”-Charles Darwin.

World's Strongest Girl Asks 'Terminator' to Save Russia-U.S. Ties

Some children ask Santa for a pony. Others ask that Arnold Schwarzenegger — the former governor of California better known for his bulging biceps in “The Terminator” — to change the course of Russia-U.S.

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Scientists have found a way to make the strongest spider silk fibers

Throughout the 19th century, the region of Murcia specialized and was famous for the production ofhijuela, a very strong thread from silkworm. The traditional process consisted on using an acid liquid medium, generally water and vinegar, and to deform the silk glands where worms produce the proteins in the mentioned liquid.

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Which is the strongest k-cup? Answered...

I have tried a varitety of k-cups and I personally like a strong brew. To get the strongest flavour in a k-cup you want to get one that has the most ground coffee. 89 more words


Scientists Discover Strongest Known Natural Material

February 19, 2015 | by Janet Fang

What’s stronger than spider silk? Limpet teeth! And what’s a limpet? They’re small aquatic snails with wide, conical shells. 586 more words