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31 August 2015

If you dont think pulling shit does wonders for you’re strength…….you’ve got some news coming.

Grateful Sled


Back Squat
5 @75%, 3 @ 85%, MAX @ 95% 12 more words

CrossFit Queenston Heights

4 Weeks of Growth: Lessons Learned So Far

It has been 4 weeks since I started training with Dave, and I have gained much more than muscle. Each workout, I learn more about myself physically and psychologically. 761 more words


Last Sunday, and this Sunday!

I know you guys know by now that I loooooove my Sunday workouts. I’ve been on vacation but I’m dying to share these with anyone who may need more workout ideas. 155 more words


Aug 29, 2015


Busy gym! I had to go with the flow and mostly work in with and around other people.

Atlas Stones: work up to a heavy single (3-5 min rests) 142 more words

The Hobo USAPL Bench Nationals

Mongrel Athlete – Andrew “Hobo” Norris will be competing in the USAPL Raw Bench Nationals this Sunday in Scranton, PA. Hobo will be competing for a spot on the IPF World Championships Bench Team. 18 more words

Random Thoughts

8/28/15 E.T. CD & Log

Yoke Walk

3 x 50 ft @ 700 lbs

Log Press out of the Rack

275 x3, 275 x1, 275 x1

300 x1

Circus Dumbbell… 7 more words


But i'm not strong enough!

Every time I speak to someone about Strong(Wo)man training I hear the same annoying response.
“But i’m not strong enough”…  How the hell do you know if you aren’t strong enough or not?!?!   61 more words

Random Thoughts