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Training Days - 2/26/15 and 2/27/15 | Fearless Strongman

2/26/15 – Week 13 Day 3

Pause Front Squats
135 x5
135 x5
155 x5
185 x5
225 x5
255 x2
275 x2
300 x5 This was a PR for Front Squat 5 reps, not to mention pause squats… 116 more words


Friday Night Strongman - 2/20/15 | Fearless Strongman

2/20/15 – Strongman Class

I’m very late posting this due to a very busy weekend.

Generally speaking, our members who attend Friday Night Strongman have weak points when it comes to lifting overhead and pulling movements. 41 more words


Training Days - 2/23/15 and 2/25/15 | Fearless Strongman

2/23/15 – Week 13 Day 1

Axle Deadlift 

110 x5

200 x5

290 x2

340 x1

390 x1

430 x3 – Heaviest I’ve ever pulled on the axle by 25 lbs, and tied my best deadlift on a regular bar… 167 more words


Tuesday - 150224

The Novotney Family

Every now and again it’s helpful for me to get knocked straight back on my heels to realize there’s more to life than a 400lbs Deadlift or a new one-rep-max Back Squat. 76 more words

Daily WOD

Strongman | Who Said Tweaa? (Choreographed by Isaiah Dwuma)

Let me tell you something, I LOVE stumbling across dance videos like this! Guys that can really get down <3…. 12 more words

Leeds & Europe's Strongest Man

Leeds has had a special place in my heart since I went to university there about 15 years ago. I realise that’s showing my age and that perhaps I should be over the nostalgia by now, but in all honesty this magnificent renaissance city just keeps getting better. 583 more words


23.02.15 - WOD



Pick five exercises and complete circuit style, 60 sec ON/15 sec OFF


A1) Juggling, 30 sec… 69 more words