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BASIC on Zaurus

The Sharp Zaurus can be also used as a development machine for BASIC programming. The Bywater BASIC Interpreter can be easily compiled here and it of course runs fast. 391 more words

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Sun Ultra 20

I still have a Ultra 20 workstation from Sun Microsystems. I have got it in 2005 (shortly after its introduction) and I used it for some computations. 495 more words

Unix And Linux

Casio FX-700P programming

I decided to make something usefull for my FX-700P. So I wrote a program that gives internal forces from a beam and computes necessary cross-section (for steel beams and the IPE-type cross sections only). 435 more words

Unix And Linux

NASA Engineers Crush Fuel Tank to Build Better Rockets

NASA Engineers Crush Fuel Tank to Build Better Rockets
December 17, 2013

RELEASE 13-372

NASA completed a series of high-tech can-crushing tests last week as an enormous fuel tank crumbled under the pressure of almost a million pounds of force, all in the name of building lighter, more affordable rockets. 525 more words


Finding roots of a polynomial in MATLAB

1. Write down the polynomial in the following type: 

a=[ an an-1 an-2 … ao]; where the polynomial a(x)=an*x^n+an-1*x^(n-1)+…+a1*x+a0;

2. The command r=roots(a) will give all roots of the polynomial a

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