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Guide your tree’s life: prune as it grows

If you want your trees to live long, healthy, sturdy lives, pruning is the way to go. Good pruning practices act as structural training, which develops strong ‘bones’ as trees grow and mature. 334 more words


Timely Tree Tips; suggestions for bare-tree season

Winter is often regarded as a slow time for working with trees; even the hardiest of Northwesterners don’t exactly enjoy working outside in freezing cold, pouring rain, or blowing snow. 454 more words


Now is the Time for Structural (Dormant) Pruning

Late Fall & Winter tree work is more economical, and dormancy  provides the perfect opportunity to assess the overall condition and structure of the tree, allowing for removal of dangerous dead wood, excision of diseased areas, or raising of the canopy to allow more light or reduce top weight. 49 more words