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What's the difference between single span and multi-span reinforced concrete slabs?

Answer by Patrick Barry:

A ‘span’ in engineering parlance means ‘the gap between two supports’
This bridge is single span:

A single span slab is a slab that is supported at either end.

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Six Puns Month Two: Crop Circles

Last month’s puns weren’t corny enough for you? It’s funny how the laughs crop up here and there, (though that concept is alien to me) but I wouldn’t trust anybody who  32 more words


What is a shear building? Does shear dominate in shear building?

Answer by Rakshita Nagayach:

RCC buildings have vertically oriented wide beams (called Shear walls) which carry the earthquake loads down to the foundation. Shear buildings have specially designed shear walls provided along both width and length of the building to resist the wind and seismic loads exerted on the building.

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What is the advantage of braced building?

Answer by Rakshita Nagayach:

A braced building is the one which is reinforced by steel members which increase the tensile as well as compressive strength of the building.

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Pixar Rules of Story #4 - The Story Spine

   by  romana klee 

Once upon a time there was ____. Every day, ____. One day ____. Because of that, ____. Because of that, ____. Until finally ____. 661 more words


What was it about the construction of the NYC World Trade Centre buildings that made them collapse so easily in case of a very hot fire?

Answer by David Kahana:

The design of the towers was unique among steel frame buildings of the time. They were built like a tube within a tube, with the floors supported by trusses that tied on to supporting columns on the outer walls as well as on to the core columns making up the inner tube, where the elevator shafts ran.

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