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Pixar Rules of Story #4 - The Story Spine

   by  romana klee 

Once upon a time there was ____. Every day, ____. One day ____. Because of that, ____. Because of that, ____. Until finally ____. 661 more words


What was it about the construction of the NYC World Trade Centre buildings that made them collapse so easily in case of a very hot fire?

Answer by David Kahana:

The design of the towers was unique among steel frame buildings of the time. They were built like a tube within a tube, with the floors supported by trusses that tied on to supporting columns on the outer walls as well as on to the core columns making up the inner tube, where the elevator shafts ran.

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Munch Moment: Divorce Sucks

Divorce sucks. Yep, I said it.

Besides it being excruciating on the couple, it is painful for the children of the divorcing couple. I read this post on Scary Mommy Post… 748 more words


How do I estimate the size of a foundation for a residential building?

Answer by Rakshita Nagayach:

The points to be considered are:

  1. Safe Bearing Capacity of the soil: If the soil has a high safe bearing capacity, foundation of smaller depth and surface area would do and vice-versa.
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Ways To Organize Your Closet

Everybody likes a clean, organized closet. When we know where things are, it’s easier to put together outfits, take out the wash, and find your favorite pair of shoes. 255 more words


How To Study (College Edition)

I’m a Junior in college so I’ve come up with some pretty solid techniques for studying. I don’t like the ones that involve late night cramming, lots of energy drinks, or rote memorization either. 533 more words


January 2015 pictures

Here are a few pictures from the cockpit as off January 2015.

Welcome – come’on ind

I have mentioned the back wall before. Together with a primitive door it is possible to close the access to the cockpit. 415 more words