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Michille: Narrative Structure

My son and a friend have been talking about writing a movie. They are 17. So they had no idea where to start so I gave my son my… 896 more words


Structure, Culture and Agency

This edited collection of papers seeks to celebrate the scope and accomplishment of Margaret Archer’s work, distilling her theoretical and empirical contributions into four sections, capturing the essence and trajectory of her work over almost four decades. 243 more words


Left, Right, Left … Write. Do-it-yourself structural editing.

What I love about writing crime mysteries is the constant interplay between the left and the right hemispheres of my brain. The trick is to make them work together. 433 more words

Writing Tips

Screenwriting Books - Dan O'Bannon's Guide to Screenplay Structure

Amazon UK (other booksellers are available)

ISBN-10: 1615931309   ISBN-13: 978-1615931309

Released, sadly, after O’Bannon’s death in 2009, his Guide to Screenplay Structure was a book I was keen to read, coming from the mind of the man who had been instrumental in the development of some classic screen stories, such as… 671 more words


Fasten your seat belts

I made a small box out of Foamalux the other day and printed a seat belt & no smoking sign.

The decals are printed on “overheads”. 83 more words