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Large Family Chaos Goals

No matter how much time is spent focused on the routine and structure, there is always a moment of complete chaos in our home. Whether it’s because #2 is tired from spending the morning outside playing and needs a nap, so he’s being fussy and rude or because #1 is going through his “preteen asshole” stage and is whining at everyone who even breathes in his direction, there is always a moment of chaos when we as parents want to get in the car and drive far far away or just close our bedroom door and lock it. 314 more words


Catching up

We’ve visited the house twice since the last post, in fact I’m writing this one having just spent the day working there, but you’ll hear about that in the next post. 235 more words


Writing A Novel: How Story Structure Creates Foreshadowing | The Creative Penn

Have all the plot twists and surprises that you want in your story, but make sure they conform to your structure and that you have properly foreshadowed them. 117 more words


Birth of a Concrete Log

Here we see the miracle of birth in all of its glory.

Behold, the mighty concrete log.

I was trying to highlight the massiveness of this building when I took this photo, which I’m not quite sure if I did, but I did end up with (what I think is) an interesting looking photo due to the angle of the shot and how that affects how the building is perceived.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy.


Setting the Bar Low

Pilot episodes are supposed to set the stage for the series while still providing a solid plot for the opening episode. Bob’s Burgers does that kinda… 714 more words


Braced and Rigid frame

/// Braced and Rigid frame

Maarten Meijs is discussing the bracing of structures with cables or frame structures