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Matter, Mind

I don’t think any kind of stuff could come first, be it matter or some sort of mind-stuff. What comes first in the sense of principle would be something like… 253 more words

Part 4, project 4, exercise 1 - structure, body parts

Various body parts.

Dominant hand drawing, charcoal pencil. I still find foreshortening tricky and getting the shape of hands right.

Non-dominant hand drawing from a photograph. 26 more words


33 - A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr. - Exploring Theme through Structure

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Or use this link to read a free sample chapter: … 210 more words



Toronto will find you before you find it. It will have something you like. Every idea turns into a nice place to be. Canadians live in it. 15 more words

Natural Light

On outlining...

How do you plan a novel? Some people start with an idea and make things up as they go along, happy to see where their imagination takes them. 622 more words


Dramatic Structure

Aristotle’s Poetics (335BC)

In Poetics, Aristotle seems to be the first to examine dramatic structure, splitting the play into two parts:

Elements Of Literature

Algis Budrys' 7-Point Story Structure

Another structure recipe:

  1. a character,
  2. in a situation,
  3. with a problem,
  4. who tries repeatedly to solve his problem,
  5. but repeatedly fails, (usually making the problem worse),
  6. 47 more words
Elements Of Literature